About Time – a complete love movie

Another romantic movie by Rachel McAdams, About Time. But what make it different is, it is a complete love movie. The plot was simple, though it is subtle about many love stories; love to your spouse, to siblings, to parents, to children, to friends; yet still keeping its simplicity.

Unlike hollywood movies, who always exaggerate about loves and deaths, it shows that life in general is meaningful with every its bittersweet moments. It is a beautiful and heartwarming movie 🙂


Bakwan Sayur / Vegetable Tempura

Did you remember the time you opened your refrigerator and you found last week’s carrots, spring onions, cabbage, or other vegetables? So, what to do? Lets make some bakwan!  Bakwan actually is not the same as tempura, but probably we can say that tempura and bakwan are 3 degrees cousins :p

Bakwan + Nut Sauce


  • 2 Medium Carrots
  • A Quarter Cabbage
  • Spring onions
  • 1 Big Chilli
  • 2 Onions
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 300 gram Low/Medium flour (if you use medium flow, add a bit off corn starch)
  • 1 Egg
  • Vegetable oil to deep fry

How To:

  1. Prepare the vegetables by chopping them fore-and-aft
  2. Chop spring onions for sprinkle
  3. Mix flour, salt, sugar, pepper, egg in a bowl. If the batter is still too tick, sprinkle with a bit of water until its thickness is just fine. Taste a bit the batter, you can freely add some pepper/salt/sugar
  4. Puree onions, then mix it into batter.
  5. Put all vegetables into batter, and mix it slowly.
  6. Heat vegetable oil in a wok pan (wok pan needs less vegetable to deep fry).
  7. Fry a spoonful vegetable batter in wok pan until it turns into beautifully brown fitter.

Actually you can put some protein in a bakwan, generally we put shrimp. But, we can put anything, from meatball, chicken chop, shrimp, crab stick, sausage, minced beef etc. The leftover batter can be kept for 2 days in an air tight container and put it in chiller.

In Jakarta, people usually eat bakwan without any sauce, but when I was in Balikpapan, they ate bakwan with peanut sauce.

To make peanut sauce, sauté onions puree (5 shallots, 2 onions, 2 nutmegs, 3 big chilies), blend it with mashed fried peanuts, mix with water on stove. Keep mixing it with water until the thickness is just OK, then add salt and sugar as desirable.



When I saw this blog’s timeline, 2013 is a missing year. I wasn’t missing, just buried in jobs, such a clichĂ© reason 🙂

But, before trying to replay 2013, I’d like to conclude something: I’m in a new stage. It’s still a brand new stage, still feel quite strange and scared, but I feel more optimistic. Isn’t it great?! 🙂

I started 2013 with another broken heart..haha..not another boy things, but another ugly truth about their egos. But, that was just a small start. I got another job desc. I could see nothing good from that job itself, but it allowed me to get many other perceptions about both company and colleagues, which actually gave me vantage points as a part of management. On the other hand, my salary was like a labour..ahahha…but payed the bills.

The new job offered me nothing on my personal/social life. I kept working days and nights, especially my boss’ calls also in days and nights! In addition of the crazy work loads, both of my houses developments were done. At that point, I realized that managing a house without a partner was exhausting. Just to emphasize, I managed 2 houses. What a strong woman I am! :p

Approaching end of 2013, I got hit by an acute gastritis. That was another point when I realized I’d been abusing both my physical and mental. On October 2013, somehow I managed to open Humans of New York blog, and found this. I got THE job in THE company that nobody would never gave it up in order to have security. Reality bit, I didn’t feel secured.

Taken from one of Humans of New York articles

Taken from one of Humans of New York articles

Those were the major turmoil how I got here now.



There’s a show titled ‘Friendzone’ in MTV. Well, it’s American’s ‘Katakan Cinta’ (yes..I know that early 00 show), but specifically for those who fall in love with his/her best friend. And also this cute meme of Ron Weasly. Meaning that we have been familiarize enough with the term of ‘Friendzone’. Been there done that, both as Summer Finn and also Tom Hanson.


There are other zones (this is solely my personal opinion):

  1. Friend zone –> just friends, not more.
  2. Family zone –> as brother / sister.
  3. Betadine zone –> pelipur lara. He/she comes merely when he/she needs a shoulder to cry on.
  4. Rest area zone –> “You are better than my wife/girlfriend” kind of thing when he got some problems with their current spouse.
  5. Sleep zone –> need a ‘pressure/pleasure release’ thing. Stay safe when you intend to do this. No judgement.
  6. Insomnia zone –> booty calls.
  7. Charger zone –> an interim period. No exclusive commitment with anyone yet, so you’re an interim until he/she finds the right one.

Yes, there are many zones. But apparently, I’ve just experienced the one that isn’t described yet, which is Mother zone. You know, when apparently that guy is just a bit younger and you’re so cool, he just popped a statement (not a question) “You are like my mother”. It might be as a more elaborated definition from Family zone.

Bottom line, it’s not cool to indicate how many his/her alikeness with your mom/dad.


Who, or what, are you falling in love with?

Sometimes we simply don’t have any luck to meet/realize that person in the right time, it can be too fast or too late. We might have met that person, but we take that person for granted.

The Laughing Phoenix

After so many years observing people (and myself!) in the complicated game of love, I can say this: often times, you don’t fall in love with a person. You fall in love with something else.

Most often, people fall in love with their own imagination of the perfect man/woman. You meet somebody, you barely know him/her, and then you start imposing your own ideals of a soulmate onto the person. Problem begins when the illusion starts to shatter, and you start to see ‘the real him/her’. And tragically, you accuse the person of ‘having changed’ – although it was your own eyes which finally opened.

Often times, people fall in love not with a person, but a “way out”. You are feeling lonely, you just don’t want to be alone and miserable, and you see this person as a ‘solution’. Then, you are falling in love with the solution to your

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Sup Brenebon – Red Bean Soup

Brenebon, originally Bruinebonen a Dutch terminology for red bean. It’s usually cooked with beef, ribs or pork. Here in KL, it’s not common to get this dish because, well, British culture is more rooted here (obviously :p). What i like from this dish is, it’s actually a thick soup because the read bean will add some layer for this soup. Back in JKT, my mom cooks it many times, always bring me into a better mood 🙂

Sup Brenebon First Attempt

Sup Brenebon First Attempt

So here’s the recipe, some twist from the original recipe in sajiansedap.com.


  • beef, 250 gr, chop in dice (3cmx3cm)
  • potato, 1 big potato
  • read bean, 150 gr
  • tomato, 1, chop
  • carrot, 1
  • shallots, 3, chop
  • onions, 3, chop
  • chili paddy, 2 (whole)
  • vegetable oil, 1 tea spoon
  • margarine, 1 spoon
  • celery, tie a knot
  • onion spring, chop
  • salt, pepper, nutmeg

How To Cook:

  1. Wash beef in running water until all blood gone.
  2. Put clean beef in a pan with 1 L++ water, boil it in low temperature stove. Some bubble will effervesce on the surface, throw away those bubble using spoon. Some will keep those bubble, but I won’t. I believe it’s some remaining blood from inside the beef. Continue boiling the beef in low temperature stove. Add the vegetable oil into beef pan. Notes: vegetable oil helps soften the beef.
  3. In another pan, boil the red bean until it turns a bit soft (+/- 10 minutes). Rinse the water, put inside beef pan.
  4. Fry shallots and onions using margarine until they turn golden and smell deliciously 🙂
  5. Put fried shallots and onions, celery, chili paddies and tomato into beef pan. Wait until boil.
  6. Put salt, pepper and nutmeg into beef pan. Taste it, you are free to add/reduce them as you like it 🙂
  7. Put carrot and potato into beef pan, wait +/- 5 minutes.
  8. Serve the soup in a bowl and sprinkle it with onion spring.

Happy Eating! 🙂


Musim Pelaporan Pajak

Bulan April sudah hampir habis, periode sibuk2nya LHDN (dinas pajak Malaysia). Semua sambungan telepon LHDN cabang manapun sibuk terus dari jam 8 pagi sampai 5 sore. Ini tahun pertama saya melaporkan pajak di negara selain Indonesia. Rasanya, seneng gak pake ribet plus gak pake misuh2 (ngomel2 dalam bahasa jawa-red). Mudah2an seterusnya juga seneng kaya gini 🙂 Sejak tahun 2007, NPWP saya sudah aktif, yg artinya saya wajib melaporkan pajak di Indonesia sejak 2008. Kalau di Indonesia, batas pelaporannya sampai akhir Maret tahun berikutnya. Setiap form 1721-A1 dibagiin dari kantor, rasanya cuman bisa misuh2 pas ngeliat angka pajak yg dibayarkan. Angkanya gak seberapa sih dibandingin banyak orang, tapi perasaan gak rela ‘menyumbangkan’ hasil kerja keras dimarahin boss/client selama setahun buat disalahgunakan oleh siapapun pihak yg bisa menyelewengkan uang pajak 😩 Jalan tetep rusak, public transport tetep jelek, kesehatan tetep dikuasain mafia, sekolah tetep mahal, dst dst dst.

Diambil dari http://rumuslengkap.com/excel-logika/cara-menghitung-pajak-pph-21-dengan-excel/

Bracket dan PTKP di Indonesia

Bosen ah misuh2 terus soal uang pajak 😀 Pada dasarnya lapor pajak di Indonesia dan Malaysia mirip banget, yg beda adalah komponen2 pelaporannya. Mirip dari sama2 punya no E-FIN (ID) atau PIN E-Filing (MY), sama2 isi online yg namanya mirip juga (E-Filing), dan sama2 terima form 1721-A1 (ID) atau EA Form (MY). Sekarang bedanya (yg bikin ngenes):

  • PTKP di ID max 30-an juta untuk K/3, sedangkan di MY 36ribuan ringgit atau sekitar 130-an juta
  • Komponen pengurangan pajak di ID dan MY pada dasarnya mirip2, dari mulai jamsostek atau EPF, jumlah tanggungan. Tapi, tanggungan yg diakui oleh kerajaan MY including orang tua dan saudara kandung, gak cuman spouse dan anak. Beli majalah/buku/komputer/alat olahraga juga bisa ngurangin pajak dengan harga maksimal yg masing2 beda2. Tapi kan tetep aja, ngurangin pajak judulnya. Eh maap, jadi misuh2 lagi. Bahkan ya sampai tahun 2014, cicilan KPR juga bisa ngurangin pajak. Hiks.
  • Pengembalian pajak. Setelah ribet2 ngumpulin kuitansi pembelian2 pengurangan pajak ini tentu aja kelebihan pajak dikembalikan ke wajib pajak. Ngembaliinnya juga gak pake lama, gak pake ribet, gak pake harus ketemu mas2/bapak2/ibu2/mbak2 petugas pajak *susah cyiin ngomongnya harus Bahasa Melayu*. Ini yg sama sekali gak pernah saya rasain di ID. Hiks. Perih, perih….#eh
Diambil dari http://savemoney.my/personal-income-tax-malaysia-2014

Perkiraan pajak status single di MY tahun 2014

Kira2 sih itu perbedaan yg buat saya pribadi adalah perbedaan yg significant. Informasi soal pajak di MY bisa dicari di google, banyak banget source2nya dan penjelasannya gamblang dan mudah, contohnya di booklet dari PWC ini. Informasi pajak ID bisa dicari di google juga sih, tapi saya masih sering gagal paham 😩 Ato mungkin saya yg sudah malas cari tau :p << jangan diikutin :p