There’s a show titled ‘Friendzone’ in MTV. Well, it’s American’s ‘Katakan Cinta’ (yes..I know that early 00 show), but specifically for those who fall in love with his/her best friend. And also this cute meme of Ron Weasly. Meaning that we have been familiarize enough with the term of ‘Friendzone’. Been there done that, both as Summer Finn and also Tom Hanson.


There are other zones (this is solely my personal opinion):

  1. Friend zone –> just friends, not more.
  2. Family zone –> as brother / sister.
  3. Betadine zone –> pelipur lara. He/she comes merely when he/she needs a shoulder to cry on.
  4. Rest area zone –> “You are better than my wife/girlfriend” kind of thing when he got some problems with their current spouse.
  5. Sleep zone –> need a ‘pressure/pleasure release’ thing. Stay safe when you intend to do this. No judgement.
  6. Insomnia zone –> booty calls.
  7. Charger zone –> an interim period. No exclusive commitment with anyone yet, so you’re an interim until he/she finds the right one.

Yes, there are many zones. But apparently, I’ve just experienced the one that isn’t described yet, which is Mother zone. You know, when apparently that guy is just a bit younger and you’re so cool, he just popped a statement (not a question) “You are like my mother”. It might be as a more elaborated definition from Family zone.

Bottom line, it’s not cool to indicate how many his/her alikeness with your mom/dad.