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à vingth sept

Horee…It’s April 2012! Already?!
This blog has probably changed from daily into anually updates. What ashame! :p
And afterall, it’s also my first draft in 2012. Mungkin ini efek udah bosen bikin project report / requirement analysis report juga.

I’m 27. Ini pertama kalinya rela nyebutin umur beneran :p It’s not about getting older, but how I feel I’ve made tiny achievements during these 27 years. In my current age, most of my friends have finally settled down and have kids. Et moi? Ce n’est pas clair. Il est le longtemps rêve.

But somehow the thought of being settled down tickles when i have a visit to my dearest senior/friend Nongky home. What a lovely small family *terharu*. Tau kan Nongs kenapa gw suka dateng ke rumahlu walopun sambil minta makan gratis xD

Dans le cours, mon proffesseur m’a demandé pour explicer mon future mariage. That was a ‘halah’ moment. It was one of the things I called absurd. Boong gak sih kalo gw sambil bilang gak tau ama siapa punya acara itu. And my brain was fulfilled with his rarely smiling face. Many people said that the best person you want to be with is your bestfriend. Well, kenyataannya my long time bestfriend is expecting his baby. Deng dong! Coret! But yes, if I could turn back time, I probably would have you.

At 27, my dearest sister reminds me to achieve what i’ve pursued since my graduation day. The fact is I can not go into that track for a while, but I’m working on that. Two big goals yet in opposite direction are awaiting for me, so I can’t afford being patient now.

maglev train
So now, I’m 27, in a fast track, impatient.

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