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Isn’t the Louboutin Vicky Beckham edition lovely??
I think a normal person would think it’s just a simple nice shoes. I love this shoes, I want to have it, but I don’t desperately want to have it since it’ll cost me a lot… hehe 😀

I don’t intend to write about the Louboutin itself, but I’ve just remembered what one of my lecturer had said about high heels. She said: “I don’t like using high heels, that what a background dancer is wearing. I’m not a backgorund dancer, because she’s just on the background.” A non-sense story telling, especially when she’s just mocking a halal profession and a fashion. A non-sense lecturer because she put a C for her lecture to my (super briliant) friend who caught fell asleep in her class. A lecturer which in Pram’s (Pramudya Ananta Toer) words is blindly need a respect. What would she do if she’s in the background dancer shoes, what would she’d be if she’s not gifted to be a child where the parents don’t think that education is important.

Fortunately, I had much more respectful lecturers who thought fell asleep in the class was much more better than chit chat in the class. I was a lazy student, and I can’t stop being how grateful I am because I had the opportunities to be one of those briliant, thoughtful, idealistic lecturers’ student.

A background dancer, it might be not everybody’s dream job, but it’s halal. Maybe the background dancer she ever saw was in some cheap national TV show, instead of Beyonce’s background dancer :p But what I want emphasize is some of professions might not be popular; compare to being government officers, lecturer, doctor, etc; but you can’t judge on people’s choice about halal job. Gayus, a government officer, is much worse than any background dancers in the world.

If I were working in one government institutions and had a job like Gayus, would I be like him? Probably yes. I am not a saint who don’t like money. I do, especially when you grow up in consumerism and see the reality to get a good health and education are expensive, you need a lot of money. Since I like money, I don’t work in government institution and I cherish free market capitalsm, where brain is respected much more than blood.

To get good brains nationwide, we need my briliant lecturers times a thousand. They are not just giving the knowledge but the idea of idealism, being a professional, and innovative person. May those good brains ferret our society 🙂


still incomplete

Do you remember Jerry Maguire’s (Tom Cruise) words to Renee Zellweger’s character, “cause you complete me…”?

I should have met him since 2004, but I’ve just noticed about him over a year ago. My parents would be very very very happy if he was the guy I brought to home instead of mas. I thought once again I could floating in the sky. But now, I think 6 months is an enough period to try out being (more than) friends. And he still incompletes me.