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When I saw this blog’s timeline, 2013 is a missing year. I wasn’t missing, just buried in jobs, such a clichĂ© reason 🙂

But, before trying to replay 2013, I’d like to conclude something: I’m in a new stage. It’s still a brand new stage, still feel quite strange and scared, but I feel more optimistic. Isn’t it great?! 🙂

I started 2013 with another broken heart..haha..not another boy things, but another ugly truth about their egos. But, that was just a small start. I got another job desc. I could see nothing good from that job itself, but it allowed me to get many other perceptions about both company and colleagues, which actually gave me vantage points as a part of management. On the other hand, my salary was like a labour..ahahha…but payed the bills.

The new job offered me nothing on my personal/social life. I kept working days and nights, especially my boss’ calls also in days and nights! In addition of the crazy work loads, both of my houses developments were done. At that point, I realized that managing a house without a partner was exhausting. Just to emphasize, I managed 2 houses. What a strong woman I am! :p

Approaching end of 2013, I got hit by an acute gastritis. That was another point when I realized I’d been abusing both my physical and mental. On October 2013, somehow I managed to open Humans of New York blog, and found this. I got THE job in THE company that nobody would never gave it up in order to have security. Reality bit, I didn’t feel secured.

Taken from one of Humans of New York articles
Taken from one of Humans of New York articles

Those were the major turmoil how I got here now.