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Enjoy the rain

An email from me.

Dear ****,
just got some old pictures. Somehow it broke my heart, and a little bit regret.
The pictures were taken on special days that should be special and i thought it was special day too. But later on, long time after that special day, i found out a very hypocritical thing.
In some ways, it opened my eyes that honesty is very rare among human being. But in other ways, it ruined all happy thoughts i’ve had about many things in my pass.

When my eyes had already wide opened (at least wider than before), I’m feeling much happier. Because I’m happy with almost all the things that are happening to me now. And I know without my pass I couldn’t be a person that writes u this email now. I’m happy if people I’ve trusted the most feel the same feeling too.

I hope you’re feeling happy and happier each day 🙂

Hugh and kisses,

And this is the reply:

Don’t worry we are getting better and better as time goes by ^^ happy and happier… ^^ We’ll manage ^^

Although sometimes you feel sad… but there is rainbow after the rain ^^ just try your best during the rain waiting for the rain to stop or even play and enjoy the rain ^^ the rainbow will come out eventually ^^

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Negeri Van Oranje

Finished reading this book. Negeri Van Oranje.
Full of wits, but not trashy 🙂 Since the 2 characters came from my uni, I felt a lil bit personally attached with the story. Hehehehe 🙂 *Kepal jari jadi tinju!* lho?!
It’s about 5 Indonesian in Holland making a really great friendship. I couldn’t stop laughing for all the jokes and footnotes in that book. It’s about 5 people, but the writers are 4. So I can say Gerry is the most fictive characters. *sotoy!* :p Although at the end of the story we could find Gery has a flaw, but Gery is pictured as the perfect one.
Banjar is my favorite character because I think he went to business school which i always dream about 😀

    Lesson learned:

  • Keep struggling to get my master degree
  • Tips of survival in Holland
  • Always backup your works, no matter how good your computer is
  • YM is a big NO if you have deadlines
  • Perfect guys are too good to be true / gay 😀

It reminds me to this book. NVO gives details on how to live and survive in Holland, but at the other hand TT is a good source for travelling (obviously!). From story line, I’d prefer TT than NVO.

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The Playlist

When BPN didn’t have any cinemas, me and my friends used to hang out in karaoke place until midnight. Thursday and Saturday were karaoke day, at least twice a month 😉 We had mandatory play list:
1. Biarlah by Nidji
2. Starlight by Muse
3. Out of Love by Air Supply
4. Don’t Turn of The Light by Entique Iglesias
5. Iwan Fals’s songs
6. Dia Milikku by Yovie and Nuno
7. Makhluk Tuhan yg Paling Sexy by Mulan (the lamest song in our playlist) :p
8. Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi
9. Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer
10. There She Goes by Sixpence None The Richer
11. Goyang Duyu by Project Pop
12. Old rock songs (if we had it with the boys, including mas) :p

I predict we’ll never gonna have this play list anymore since the lay off. Miss you guys… Miss your voice too, Mas.

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I Want A House!

Being single and mature, i demand more privacy. Instead of rent room, I prefer a tiny house. What I really miss from a home is the kitchen since i love cooking 😀 So…in the middle of deadlines, I still have some times to imagine a perfect place for me 😀 Google is a perfect company to make this dream 😀

First, I will imagine the kitchen. I love cooking, but I’m not an addict cooker 😀 So, I think simple-cozy kitchen is the best design. I don’t like to waste a space to provide another room as dining room. Let’s make it as a kitchen and dining room. At the beginning, a bar in the kitchen would be good, but it would make me to spend another room as dining room.

small_bathroom_pictures6 Second, the bathroom. Sometimes I measure how long I spend my times in the bathroom, I’d say a looot 😀 So, I have to make it as comfortable I could. What about this picture? 😕 I think I’ll have a very wide mirror on the right side. Another change will be applied under the sink. I’ll remove the wood table into a small closet for new towel and some place for cleaning tools. I love to take a long bath and having it in a bath tub. It’s so relaxing! 🙂
Hmm..this picture might be not the right one, since I think I’ll change the theme into orange, not browny as seen in the picture. But I love the lay out :* Yes, I’ll make the bathroom as the dry one to make the maintenance easier. Well…maybe there will be an exception if my mom come, she can’t use dry bathroom 😛

vistalibraryI’m a book freak. I need a room for my collection and a place to have a quality reading time 🙂 I love a seat place under the window. I hope I could place this room at the east side of the house. It would be great having fresh sunshine in the morning from this place 🙂 I’ll reduce furnitures from this room, make it 2 chairs and more book rack at the right side. Yey! Love it love it!! I’ll place an audio device, the simple one, just to make this room less quiet 😀 I think iPod docking is the best choice 😀

The most important part, bedroom! I don’t plan to do all the activities inside the room, just a simple bedroom. It doesn’t mean that simple, I still need a big closet!! Haha 😀 Not a cupboard, but a closet 🙂 and it would be BIG 😀 I love the bed style, a space under the bed, makes the room less dusty 🙂 I’ll pull the bed into the left side, so more room near the window. I’ll put a TV, DVD player, Nintendo Wii, and another iPod docking on the drawer 😀 Perfect room 😀