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The Reader

I have less ideas lately. I meant to write another title in this blog, even though i’ll write about the movie. Well..nevertheless, i’ll keep writing now 🙂

First of all, I could not describe my thoughts well about this movie, it gave me deep impression about regrets. I watched this movie with all of my heart. I feel sorry for Michael Berg’s character that he could not stand up defending Hanna Schmitz in her court. On the other hand, he could not crush Hanna’s struggle to keep her standing tall by making her illiteracy as a secret. Which in fact, the truth that she could not read/write a letter could save her 20 years lifetime. Hanna kept her secret, and she didn’t know that it cost Michael’s peace life.

Some dialogs that automatically saved in my head.

Society think they operate by something called morality, but they don’t.
They operate by something called law.
The question is not ‘Was it wrong?’, but it’s illegal by our law.

I will not write the synopsis, it could be easily found in net. It’s not a light movie at all, but it could remind us not always to think from our side, even though in the end we should choose, in which side we should stand. I think there are lots of Hannah Schmitz executed when Indonesia tried to ‘clean up’ the society from communists in 1965.