Muse: I got bosses. They got rules.

Capt. Phillips: We all got bosses.

– from Captain Phillips (movie)

What is boss?

a person who exercises control or authority; specifically :  one who directs or supervises workers.

– from Merriam Webster.

Or in short, I’d say the one that owns you, sound like a slavery? Even though Daenerys has freed slavery in Meereen and other cities, she still IS bossing around. And the fact is, a boss is the one who keeps everything in the right place. So, not a slavery at all, right?! 😉

Old, but I’m not that old

Young, but I’m not that bold.

– Counting Stars by One Republic

I act, feel, and think somehow below my age. Yup, confession. So, in my childish thought, a boss somehow is a parent for me. The one that I can trust, discuss, and at the end is always giving feedbacks in order to maintain a good performance.

So now, I should dig a big hole, and burry that thought. Boss is the one that can throw you inside a crocodile cage, so you have to swim as strong as you can, because you are the only one you can trust, lean, and count on. No chain holds you. So, lets swimming!