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Senandung Rindu

Finally i post the video, Senandung Rindu by Tohpati feat Sutha.

Aku bernyanyi, di dalam hati, Senandung Rindu, kepadamu Pujaanku
Bilakah nanti kau kan mengerti maksud hatiku, untuk saling memiliki
Aku ingin rasa indah kan hadir untukmu, meluluhkan mimpi-mimpi
Tak berhenti, jiwa ini menanti dirimu, berjanji setia kepadamu dalam setiap hidupku
Tuhan tolonglah, buka hatinya, agar aku dapat bahagia bersamanya
Tak kuingkari dia tak sendiri, tapi kutahu apa yg tlah dia rasakan.

After months without being mellow, try to be tough, now i’m falling apart. I missed my parents, Jakarta, friends, a special guy i’ve known since June, and Allah SWT. Missing Him is the hardest part and somehow made me feel so lost. Somehow i felt that i’ve been away from Him for a while. It doesn’t mean i left my praying, but the praying essentials itself.

Running away from the most thing i want to avoid is useless. Proofing things are not the things i want to do in my life. I got what i wanted, and it wasn’t what i need. Can i blame myself or others? definitely NOT! It’s one of my journeys. This journey might continue in another dot. I’m still traveling my dots to an X mark, as the end of my life. When, where, how it will be ended, i don’t know. It doesn’t matter at all, as long as i travel those dots with walking tall, no regrets.


Balikpapan Spots

Been living in the city for 13 months, at least i have some favorite spots 🙂

Let me start from Sepinggan airport area. Sepinggan airport has its airport taxi, but i prefer to have a normal taxi. Just go into Roti Boy shop and call Mawar Taxi (0542 874545). The taxi uses normal argo meter.

Take a direction to the central city, you’ll find Kepiting Dandito on the left side. The black pepper crab is good 😀 Not far from there, there’s the famous Kepiting Kenari. Don’t expect too much for services in Balikpapan, still worse than JKT :p It would be disaster for those who have allergic on seafood. Almost all of Balikpapan favorite menu are seafood 😀

Balikpapan also has some famous lounges and it feels so good to have some drink with friends there (or even having date :D).
1. The Open House @ Markoni Atas
It gives city view in some unique ambiance. It’s located on the top of a hill and built in some Balinese house.
2. The Ocean @ Ruko Bandar Balikpapan
Cozy place to have chit chat with family and friends.
3. Dapeen *located next to The Ocean*
I prefer The Ocean than Dapeen.

Those places are cozy, but not really good for your money 😀

Balikpapan does have some delicious menu. These are my favourite:
1. Bakso Sapi @ the central of the city
luv luv luv the baso tahu :p
2. Depot Simpang 4 @ Kebon Sayur
luv luv luv the fried prawn with mayo…nyum ^^
3. Nasi goreng semut merah *near Gran Senyiur*
it’s quite good food and less than 10K IDR :p

I kinda forgot some other places, but i enjoy visiting Blue Sky hotel health club for having spa and salon.


People don’t change

Some said, people do change, but i don’t think so.

I believe that people are getting smarter and wiser so they have a wider window to judge something in their life. So why i said that people don’t change?! It’s because every single person has a dark, tiny, and itchy voice that always come up in their head. But, like i said, people are getting smarter and wiser to judge something, so they don’t let that dark, tiny, itchy voice becomes a winner 🙂

That’s my theory 🙂

Gak Penting


Christina: “I’m drowning in estrogen here”

Christine: “Your problem is estrogen”
Meredith: “No, my problem is tequila”

Totally agree with Christina. Estrogen really IS a problem. I’ve had enough problems caused by estrogen, can’t imagine if I had other troubles caused by tequila.

Estrogen is drowning me for these two days. Estrogen is doing this to me. My estrogen said that I wanted that S-M-R, but still not sure about ‘less‘ or ‘ful‘ on the ‘M’ part. I want to sip it >:)

Wew…this is not a ‘black and white’ world, but it is important to believe in the right things. Here is the thing, i can’t mention the differences between right or wrong, both of them make me feel miserable :p