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People come, people go @ 2008

This is the 2008’s last day. Many things happened in this year, start from jobs, new rent room, friends, projects, to crush.

In the very beginning of 2008, the Orde Baru symbol finally passed away after a long time of sickness. He also was the 2nd president of Indonesia, don’t need to mention his name. Personally, I feel sad he’s passed away since he hasn’t opened the Indonesia mafioso cartel yet.

At the end of the 1st quarter, I had my first tender. Although it was an amateur one, i still feel happy getting know new people in consulting business. Still about projects, i did enjoy both of the projects, although i did a head-to-toe jobs by myself and without any real mentor. I do also feel so sad since both of the projects haven’t done yet or at stake to be precise.

In the middle of the year, i met some precious people. The first one is in the middle of europe with his family now and the second one is talking with through YM! now 😀 Both are precious in building and defining what i want to have as a career. SO fortunate to meet them. In the same time, i also had my biggest crush ever. The first time i spilled the idea of living together in the name of marriage, talked about what i wanted to be, and many private matters with him, it was the first time i felt like i’m a mature woman. Silly!! The fact that i’m very childish is still exist right now. Obviously, being with mas was so comfortable; jungle, camp, bar, mall, mess, office, crowded place, with drink, without drink, smoking area, non smoking area, or any other place on earth. We’ve said goodbye each other, but who knows what would happen next 🙂

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, my person, my partner in crime left Indonesia to pursue her master degree. Still a lil bit lonely since i can’t really make a phone call with her. Since she’s in europe now, i should make some money to visit her 😀 *wish me luck!*


Liburan part (1)

My plane touched down at CGK JKT on 24 December 2008. Yey! I’m in JKT!!

The first day, i went to hospital and I had me examined by my gynecologist. Nothing wrong on me, just lack of vegetables and fruits. Common problem for most of nowadays females 😦 After that, went to ITC Kuningan for small shopping. (It was small because i went with my mother, she’ll be very shock if she saw my real shopping bills :p) The first day was amusing since i got back to home by Mikrolet (public transportation) and 2 hours trip from Kuningan to Pondok Kelapa. Why it was amusing? It’s been almost 1,5 years i never had mikrolet 😀

Second day, i went to hospital to visit Zaki’s father. It was a real shock for me since the family ambiance felt like he’ll be gone soon. May Allah SWT gave them strength for every possibilities. After visiting hospital, i went to a salon in Plaza Semanggi. It was my first experience going to salon in a mall. I like stand alone salon more than salon at a mall. Then, dinner with my seniors @ Kelapa Gading Mall (my first visit to this mall after 3 years of absent :p ).

The third day was so great! I cooked! Hahahaha. Yes! I cooked! Just simple thing, Oseng Oncom, but still..I cooked 😀 I made my best friends tasted my cook. usual, they doubt my ability, but their stomachs are still just fine until now 😀
In the afternoon i met with some friends from JKT office. The office was great, made me so lazy to go back to BPN office. “Transfer me to JKT, please :)” I plan to say it as my first sentence when i meet my boss in BPN next week 😀 I watched Australia in XXI EX Plaza Indonesia and ate ramen at Beppu Menkan. The movie was quite long, but it gave beautiful cinematography and great acting, and of course the beautiful Hugh Jackman :3
Still in the 3rd day at 620PM, amel called and said that Zaki’s father passed away. I picked up the phone while i was walking on the middle of Plaza Indonesia atrium. I stopped suddenly and almost got myself hit by other pedestrians. I just let myself pulled by Mey (she was my roommate at BPN mess) to the right direction. After finished with Amel’s call, i sent sms to some best friends about this news and regarded my condolence to Zaki by SMS.

Day 4, i went to cemetery with some friends. I thought i wouldn’t cry, but i couldn’t hold some tears after Beruang said how messy i was. It’s strange to feel sad when someone you don’t really know pass away. Seeing how tough the family were, is something i need to learn that death is just an ordinary thing. What make it not ordinary is other people can’t continue the bliss of decent life with this person. May Allah SWT places him in one of His great places. Amin


The First XXI in Balikpapan

Finally…after long winded development of Pasar Baru Balikpapan, the XXI cinema in Balikpapan is on now 😀 The price is quite low, which will kill existing Gelora cinema (Yosh! :p). Monday – Friday ticket is Rp.20K, and Rp.25K for weekends. It has 4 large theaters, not bad ya?! 😀 Finally BPN has a good entertainment facility, and i hope the blackout would never disturb the cinema. Can you imagine if there’s a blackout during the movie? Bleee… XD

Hmm…if you work in Balikpapan, you’ll recognize half of the people in the theaters. It’s a very small city 🙂

Find the new XXI cinema picture here.



It’s not a wedding, party, or any common invitation. This is a backpacking invitation 😀
I haven’t had any fixed schedule or route, but i’ll prefer to visit schengen countries only, considering cost and application regulation :p Since i have some friends there, i’ll visit countries where they live (Italy, German, and Netherland).
How long? Hmm..a month?
When? It’s an estimation, it’s probably on 2010. I’ll prefer summer 2010.
Starting Point? Jakarta – Indonesia.

This is an open invitation. We can discuss other suggestions or plans together 🙂

If you dare to join with me, just add some comment below 🙂

Caution: I’m an amateur, never been backpacking, never go outside South East Asia, and limited money 😦


About the scholarship

This scholarship is favorite destination among my friends. I intended to apply some majors. I had my TOEFL, not a really bad score considering i’ve never had any preparation, but it’s still not enough for some majors. S**t!! 😀

To be honest, i know i’m not ready to apply serious scholarship for now. Haven’t had my GMAT, need to fix my TOEFL score, not enough money, etc. And i haven’t prepared the most important thing: what majoring i’ll register. Silly :p

I’m still in between, continue my science education or cross to other field, ie: commerce. The second desire is bigger. Learning about how business works, how we maintain business process, and learn technology from business view are suit in me. I could maintain my nerdy thought and think about business in the other hand 😀

Just reopen EMSE website, it’s already closed. A lil bit sad since i feel lost before the real battle. Even though there’s still other major in the same scholarship program, but i’m not ready now. I’ll have those scholarship at the other time 🙂 Wish me luck 😀