Hellooo 2011

It’s April already! 🙂
Up to now, 2011 has been doing good to me.
In Dec 2010, I got a wonderful opportunity to broaden my choices. In the early 2011, I finally had a very good news. A dream company since my internship program, hired me as one of senior officers there, including a better career and an opportunity to be back to my original root.

I thought it was the time for me to leap. If it came 6 months earlier, I won’t be in doubt at all. I was only an ordinary woman who chose her step by her feeling. I never thought it would be so sad to leave. It wasn’t only sad, but really hurt.

I left, and prepared to leap. The new place was really nice, and finally I got what I’ve always hoped, an acceptance. Beyond the logically perimeters, I felt something else, which finally made me chose to retreat.

In all of my entire life, I never had those amazing choices, which needed a bigger wisdom for me to make a decision. I chose not to leap, and it peaced me. Some might think that a particular person made me stay. But actually, no one had an extra time to convince me to stay. It was my real decision. This is my adventure.

For me, Allah SWT answered my prayer, to give choices. I thought I never had choices, but in the other hand why do I need to choose while Allah SWT always gives me the best?! 🙂
Alhamdulillah, I’m saying it with every molecule in me 🙂