anak abg jaman sekarang

I’m in my twenties now, so people can’t call me an ABG *anak baru gila gede* anymore. Well somehow i agree with Christina Yang *Grey’s Anatomy* that i hate teenagers even when i was teenager. I chose listen to andrea bocelli’s aria songs or nirvana than dancing pogo or westlife. But i can’t deny that i was as dumb as other normal teenagers. Dumb at the age where they suppose to be dumb is not a sin. I think a normal human being needs to be dumb first, so that they can do things well.

But, somehow i think that they are dumberer than i was. Well..not all of them. It might be the same as i was. Mass media gives the pictures how teenagers now are so consumtive, but the reality is not all of them are as stupid as teenagers that appears on magazine or TV screen.

I just read one of teenager magazine, Hai. There’s an article about gadget at school. The article has the high schoolers opinion that school has to provide them high tech gadgets so that they can learn well. They talk about having macbook pro, handycam so that they don’t have to take a note, plasma TV, PDA, etc. Crap! Shame of them! Our quality is still left behind if we compare to India. Even MIT students still take notes and the lecturers still write the course using greenboard, not whiteboard. Okay, the students on the article are dumb, but the reporter who display their dumb opinion is more dumberer. A youth magazine should give education, not crap.

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Personal Facts

Fact number one:

I screwed things easily because i spoke meaningless. I know the definition of privacy, i could spell and understand its mean easily. Well, i’m kind of screwed my privacy because i can’t stop talking about it. Eventhough the privacy is about my unstable thing. Let say, i got panicked easily, and shout out my stupidity to someone next to me. Someone that you think was your enemy, and somehow that’s enemy being the person who always scout me. She scouted me at the hardest part i could never bear it alone. This part is about a premateur thing had happened to me. Very premateur and almost make 30% of my sanity passed away. And thanks God i got the 20% back.

Fact number two:
I can’t get alone for about more than 3 hours. Remember the 10% from 30% above. That 10% could trigger my whole 90% sanity lose.

Fact number three:
When those two facts are occured, i can’t sleep and i can’t work. Totally a zombie. It’s called insomnia.

Facts number four:

After being a zombie, my back will be felt so irritating for the next day, and my eyes go red. Two drops of visine will make the red gone, but my eyesight will blury. In that case, i need to see that hansom lecturer and greet him. When he greets you back…it feels like hitting my eyes with ices. hehehe 😀

Those facts are the reason why yesterday i couldn’t add any single line of code for my final assignment.