My Phone Books

I’m having 2 operational hand phones. The first one is for my primary number (matrix, i had it since 2000) and the second one is for operational in BPN (simpati, almost all of my colleagues use telkomsel as the provider).

Practically, i have 2 individual phone books. I use my new Nokia for matrix, and simpati in my old SE K700. I think it’s interesting. If i take a look my SE phone book, i wrote nicknames as the contact name, ie: Tina, Vara, Wisnu, Ayu, etc. In the other hand, i use institution name as the first name in my Nokia, ie: BHPB Nia, Total Ani, CSC Eduardo, Chevron Agung, etc. Even i wrote Microsoft Fuady, who is my friend from CSUI.

Honestly, it is not really interesting. I was sitting on the emergency stairs in my building, i took a look my phone book, tried to make a phone call with a friend…but i found…colleagues.