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Sunshine Cleaning

Continuing my numbness on my previous holiday, I bought some dvds..and by seeing its cover, it reminds me to Little Miss Sunshine. Later on, I knew both of them were from the same director. I published another version of the cover. sunshine_cleaning_ver4

As I’ve expected, it wasn’t an ordinary movie at all 🙂 A crime scene cleaner from not an ordinary family. I think it’s a hilarious concept. So..the story is about Rose and her family. Rose was a star in high school, but she ends up being a single parent, having job as a maid, taking care her junkie lil sister. Rose always tries to encourage herself everyday that she’s powerful so she could smile when she starts her day. Giving attention to her police boyfriend’s advice, she started a new unique business, crime scene cleaner. Yup…blood or any other rotten things left behind after suicide, murder, or else are their things.

Well..i don’t intend to write all the stories 🙂 It’s a good movie, if you really like a drama without a blockbuster plot. The story itself is a lil bit gloomy, but I didn’t feel any gloom. In the other hand, it showed how Rose tried to work her problems out. Another thing I really like from this movie is how each character has its own description without losing attention to the main story.

Gak Penting

Stupid Cupid

Not about Mandy Moore’ song.

I’m gonna find you stupid cupid!! Wrong target tauuuu… >.<
A very stupid cupid which probably was feeling an itchy butt when he shot the arrow. 755911221089458
Ganti rugii…ampe gak bisa tidur nih stupid stupid cupiiiddd… 😦