When people asked me about when/how i started to have interest in gardening, I’d say since years ago. And finally I can explore about gardening on my mom’s balcony 😜

I started planting some trees and flowers when I lived in my own house. I enjoyed that hobby until I decided to move to KL. But, eventually I stopped, since it was difficult to plant things with soil in a high rise condo in the middle of KL.

Last year I finally moved back to JKT after a decade. Organic salad was (and still is) extemely expensive compared to KL price. Browsed instagram for an urban garden inspiration, but what I found was way more than lay out inspiration, but a lifestyle. People are now more aware about food crisis, global warming, carbon trace, and the whole nine yards. I found many awesome fellows -men, women, young, senior- are planting vegetables in their own yards/balcony, even kos-kosan!!

When you tried to grow your own food, you’ll get addicted, no matter it can survive untill harvest time or just die along the way, you just can’t stop! 

Happy gardening! Lets give back to nature! 🙂

Journey, Love...Life...


When I saw this blog’s timeline, 2013 is a missing year. I wasn’t missing, just buried in jobs, such a clichĂ© reason 🙂

But, before trying to replay 2013, I’d like to conclude something: I’m in a new stage. It’s still a brand new stage, still feel quite strange and scared, but I feel more optimistic. Isn’t it great?! 🙂

I started 2013 with another broken heart..haha..not another boy things, but another ugly truth about their egos. But, that was just a small start. I got another job desc. I could see nothing good from that job itself, but it allowed me to get many other perceptions about both company and colleagues, which actually gave me vantage points as a part of management. On the other hand, my salary was like a labour..ahahha…but payed the bills.

The new job offered me nothing on my personal/social life. I kept working days and nights, especially my boss’ calls also in days and nights! In addition of the crazy work loads, both of my houses developments were done. At that point, I realized that managing a house without a partner was exhausting. Just to emphasize, I managed 2 houses. What a strong woman I am! :p

Approaching end of 2013, I got hit by an acute gastritis. That was another point when I realized I’d been abusing both my physical and mental. On October 2013, somehow I managed to open Humans of New York blog, and found this. I got THE job in THE company that nobody would never gave it up in order to have security. Reality bit, I didn’t feel secured.

Taken from one of Humans of New York articles
Taken from one of Humans of New York articles

Those were the major turmoil how I got here now.



There’s a show titled ‘Friendzone’ in MTV. Well, it’s American’s ‘Katakan Cinta’ (yes..I know that early 00 show), but specifically for those who fall in love with his/her best friend. And also this cute meme of Ron Weasly. Meaning that we have been familiarize enough with the term of ‘Friendzone’. Been there done that, both as Summer Finn and also Tom Hanson.


There are other zones (this is solely my personal opinion):

  1. Friend zone –> just friends, not more.
  2. Family zone –> as brother / sister.
  3. Betadine zone –> pelipur lara. He/she comes merely when he/she needs a shoulder to cry on.
  4. Rest area zone –> “You are better than my wife/girlfriend” kind of thing when he got some problems with their current spouse.
  5. Sleep zone –> need a ‘pressure/pleasure release’ thing. Stay safe when you intend to do this. No judgement.
  6. Insomnia zone –> booty calls.
  7. Charger zone –> an interim period. No exclusive commitment with anyone yet, so you’re an interim until he/she finds the right one.

Yes, there are many zones. But apparently, I’ve just experienced the one that isn’t described yet, which is Mother zone. You know, when apparently that guy is just a bit younger and you’re so cool, he just popped a statement (not a question) “You are like my mother”. It might be as a more elaborated definition from Family zone.

Bottom line, it’s not cool to indicate how many his/her alikeness with your mom/dad.


Who, or what, are you falling in love with?

Sometimes we simply don’t have any luck to meet/realize that person in the right time, it can be too fast or too late. We might have met that person, but we take that person for granted.

The Laughing Phoenix

After so many years observing people (and myself!) in the complicated game of love, I can say this: often times, you don’t fall in love with a person. You fall in love with something else.

Most often, people fall in love with their own imagination of the perfect man/woman. You meet somebody, you barely know him/her, and then you start imposing your own ideals of a soulmate onto the person. Problem begins when the illusion starts to shatter, and you start to see ‘the real him/her’. And tragically, you accuse the person of ‘having changed’ – although it was your own eyes which finally opened.

Often times, people fall in love not with a person, but a “way out”. You are feeling lonely, you just don’t want to be alone and miserable, and you see this person as a ‘solution’. Then, you are falling in love with the solution to your

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Birthday Wishes


Semoga rasa sepi yang mendera memupuk kemampuan menghargai kehadiran orang lain, melembutkan perilaku, dan digantikan dengan sesuatu yg lebih baik.

Semoga batu-batu yang menghambat selama satu tahun lalu, membantu engkau untuk lebih bijak dan hati-hati.

Semoga juga bisa mempersiapkan engkau untuk menjadi lebih kuat dalam menghadapi tantangan berikutnya.

Semoga hatimu dilembutkan dan merasakan nikmat yang Dia berikan.