Yg panik bukan gw dong ^^

Yg panik itu boss-nya boss gw ama orang India di sebelah gw. Hahahaha. Pemandangan yg langka ngeliat orang2 ini panik. Bukan lewat email ato sekretarisnya boss besar lagi yg manggil, tapi boss besar yg langsung manggil. Ternyata mau tua, muda, orang bule, indonesia, india, kalo panik sama aja kaya gw. Pusing cari dokumen sambil nanya2 ke sesama super intendent di departemen sebelah ada apa gerangan boss besar pengen meeting mendadak.

Entah para expatriat ini udah terpengaruh ama budaya orang indonesia ato emang orang dimana2 sama aja ya? Tapi intinya jangan kagok, apalagi minder ama orang bule, mereka sama aja ama kita 😀 Oiya, mereka juga rata2 gaptek kok. Ahahahaha.

ps: English gw dibilang old fashioned ama guru English nya. Hmm…itu sindiran sepertinya 😦

Journey, Love...Life...

spit it out!

Least You Can Do – Phill Collins
I was lying awake last night, waiting for your call
But if the rumours are true, that won’t bother you at all
I’m trying hard to understand
What it takes to be yours
Now I don’t have to wonder anymore

Least you can do is say you’re sorry
Least you can do is give me back my heart
Just give me back my heart

You’ve said you’re sorry. It was enough, i don’t expect more for me. But i did expect you did more for yourself. I am not angry, but dissapointed. I looked so high to see you, but i could never see you. No wonder, because you’d been down there, trapped, but you enjoyed it, and still enjoy it. You could drag me down, but you couldn’t drag anybody under my umbrella.

Good luck for you then 🙂


Insomniac notes

If i were reborn, i wished i were a violin. I would struggle to be one of josh groban’s band. His songs always save me when i was in the middle of sorrow alley. It’s been late at night. i couldn’t shut my eyes and fall asleep. I miss home. Ah, if i couldn’t be a violin, i wished i were a singer. Reminds me to a comic, titled Diva. Diva consists of 6 series. It’s about a girl who is struggling to reach her dream as a world’s opera diva.

I want to see opera in itali? Will i? Return tickets, opera ticket, and accomodation probably could buy me a house. Huiks huiks 😦 I want to see Andrea Bochelli sings aria songs. Cielli di Toscana by Andrea Bochelli was so brilliant with Melodrama as the first hit. Listening pavarotti or other tenor singer sing the songs in italian could bring me stay healthy. Hm…wrong word, not healthy, but yes, healthy mind. I couldn’t undestand what they’re singing, i keep figuring what exactly the songs are by listening the melody. Well, it’s been a basic knowledge that sad songs usually using minor partiture.

So..what’s this all about? dunno, just a writing from an insomniac. I miss my daddy, i think my mom feel the same too. He’s in business trip. This is the first time in many years my mom being alone without me near her. At least, if i were in depok, i could reach a taxi and went home to see her. We had so many fights about so many things. She’s as hard as a stone, as scary as a tiger, and she can’t cook a special dish like other mother could do. But, she’s the strongest woman i’ve ever met. Her opor ayam is not as delicious as other mom’s, but hers is the most menu i want to eat now. I’m still lying about a huge thing to her. A thing that still make my life so miserable and haunting my mind constantly. She’d never wished me to be perfect, but she’d never dared to think i could do something terrible. So sorry, i’d missled her trust, i won’t do that anymore. Both of us are so arrogant to say ‘i love u’, but i know the feeling to be crushed by a knife when i know i’ve made her cried.