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Should be A Review

It’s almost 2 AM.
Can’t sleep, but i feel so tired indeed. Well, tomorrow will be my last working day in 2009. Since I’m talking about job first, I’ll start with my job in 2009.

On Feb 2009, I decided to join to another company in Balikpapan. It was quite difficult to start over. I realized I need to have my ladder, which I’ve never had before. So fortunate that my current boss and colleagues are great people. I did learned many things in previous company, especially about having good attitudes and being grown up. I can’t wait for the moment I get involved in the transition team starting January 2010. It should be FUN! 🙂

When 2009 is almost ended, I got a new nephew from my lovely roommate. Fourth nephew, how harder could it be, after three boys of my brother’s? :p A little girl would make their world colorful, isn’t it? I hope my little girl 🙂 Soo…now I’m talking about raising a child?!! Hehehehe…one day, never know about when.

A few hours before my fourth nephew came out, I had just hit by a train. Of course not literally. A marriage should be a good news, isn’t it? I can’t say whether it’s good or bad for this one. It could be never mine, from time point of view. I won’t say a ‘Yes’ word if it was me.

We started our time with lies and self-righteous. Did you try to start over with me? Did you send S.O.S? If you did, you were full of it. I couldn’t stand to be always intimidated. We hurt each other as easy as we made jokes. You don’t need to make an ‘if it were you’. If I were there, maybe we could be drown together. I was too afraid to fall. I’m sorry I didn’t let us to give a try. So this is it. When i see you again, you’ll have had her by your side already, until death parts.