While i’m in my complete idle time

i browsed our internal forum, called Gonzo. It’s quite similar with PHPBB. There’s an interesting topic, the thread title is IT Management, and this is the first post:

Hi all,
Quick snap poll:-)
How many of your direct or indirect IT managers have a formal tertiary education in IT?

In the majority of my working life (all in IT roles) I’ve had managers or direct supervisors whose original training/education was in an industry other than IT. The many and varied “original” vocations of my managers have included boilermaking, teaching, mathematics, and geology. From what I understand most of these people got to their position in a “de-facto” way – either because they expressed an interest in, or were competent with computing and technology.

I’m not casting any dispersions here – all my managers have all been great people to work for – I’m just curious to hear people’s thoughts on what the future holds if the next generation of IT management will be a group of people who’ve had formal training in IT disciplines….

Keen to hear your thoughts and to share your experiences (let’s not name names – BHPB IT is a small community after all!!!)

And woww…i thought this problem only occurs in Balikpapan where I’m the only IT degree holder?! And guess what, the forum admin, which his title is ‘Principal Architect Technology’, he doesn’t have IT degree at all! Almost all of IT decision makers in this biggest mining corporate don’t have any IT degree, but business. As a mining company we have a lot of geologist, but a lot of geologists turn into IT experts!

This is a reply from an Corporate SAP Implementation Manager

Not sure I fully agree with Dave about the impact of latency in the process at Uni. Yes it is there but the reality is the same bureaucracy exists in many companies and also for many other good reasons businesses are not on the bleeding edge anyway. I remember my first day at BHP many many years ago now and I did a work order on the first day because I had been using DG AOS/VS CLI at Uni so therefore totally relevant education.

To me Uni achieves 2 things – one is the piece of paper that helps you get your first job. The other is learning how to learn. Armed with this you can chop and change all over the place as long as you keep learning. A bit of practical experience soon replaces the bit of paper though.

Of course some of the fundamentals are important depending on the chosen path.

Journey, Love...Life...

Merry xmas and happy new year 🙂

My resolution: I want to be a part of Maruwai Coal Project, so raise my salary! Give me trainings, develop my capabilities.

As I said to one of my interviewer on that French oil company *so obvious*: “I have capabilities, but i need to develop more.” Well honestly, the most interesting part is your company’s renumeration. Ehehehehe.

And obviously i can’t go to Chevron since my bro’s promotion. Congratulation on your promotion and obviously i can’t be your subordinate. Seriously!

First task for year 2008: router connection disaster test. Hey, it’s not difficult, isn’t it?! Just load the new IOS, copy run config from tftp, and then copy to startup config, write. Simple isn’t it?! Of course if i failed, i’ll say goodbye to balikpapan on this march. Damn! I have already fallen for this city.

I really want to be involved in Bumbun project. Haju progressing is one of my praying everyday. Oh God, we need that new Mining “Peraturan Pemerintah” signed by SBY *anyway, who the hell is he?!* this year.

Journey, Love...Life...

Feel the Breeze

After almost 4 months living here, i have never had any opportunity to shoot some pictures of Balikpapan. Up to now, Pertamina is still the best part of Balikpapan. Take a look of Pertamina’s site bellow.

Balikpapan central city in on the left side of the picture. I am falling in love with oil refinery since my first visit to one of Chevron’s pompa angguk at Minas. Seeing how sophisticated are the safety rules, water pipelining, fire extinguisher pipelining, and etc. Sometimes safety rules feels so annoying. And now safety rules bind me so tight.

Yesterday, as usual i took a rest in our pantry, saw across the horizon, wide ocean, ships, oil rigs, the hustle bustle of Sudirman road. I took the pictures using my friend’s camera.

Klandasan Market, the best place to get the best fresh seafood.

Sea view, beyond the land. Magnify it, u’ll see a lot of oil rigs.


My works

When i think about my job further, it has a very close relationship with what an auditor does. Documents, check lists, testings are the matters i have to deal with. Sometimes it sucks, but sometimes it’s fun. Try something new is my weakness during my study time.

I’m paid for learning their systems, regulations, and IT policies. It has many challenges indeed. But somehow, i need more. Although we are the greatest in mining world, Balikpapan is still a progressive project. I’m not an optimist person, i’m always searching the worst case scenario, so i could prevent it well. But being a worst-case-scenario-thinker, i’m easily being freak-out.

Two problems remaining, backup system and documentum. By the end of the year, everything has to be settled down and published globally. Aaaaaaa…..-_____-