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About Time – a complete love movie

Another romantic movie by Rachel McAdams, About Time. But what make it different is, it is a complete love movie. The plot was simple, though it is subtle about many love stories; love to your spouse, to siblings, to parents, to children, to friends; yet still keeping its simplicity.

Unlike hollywood movies, who always exaggerate about loves and deaths, it shows that life in general is meaningful with every its bittersweet moments. It is a beautiful and heartwarming movie 🙂


My Greatest Romance Movies

As a common female, I have my own favorite romance movies. Let me share the list and the reasons why I put those movies as favorite. I hope the reasons would never be considered as cheesy or lame 🙂

1. Definitely, Maybe
Just rewatched the movie on HBO. I like the story since it reflected how Will Hayes’s changed his life. He was a great graduate, turn to be an intern wishing to reach his idealism, he reached his career, but suddenly his own girlfriend brought him down. Yes, it has a happy ending, but he struggled to get it 🙂

I kept the book because it was the only thing I had about you.

When Will finally realized he loved April.
First time saw it in 2008.

2. You’ve Got Mail
Nobody could defeat Meg Ryan – Tom Hanks as a couple!! As usual, when you watched Norah Ephron’s stories, she put lots of wits there, so audiences will never get bored 🙂 I love this movie because it puts my favorite things; books, internet, and New York. This movie also made me fell in love with Starbucks and The Cranberries’s Dreams.
First time saw it in 1999.

3. Never Been Kissed
It’s the best teenage love story I’ve ever watched 😀 It’s about an undercover reporter in a famous high school. She tried to be accepted in a popular gang, but it was difficult since she was one of the weirdos in her high school. Her brother helped him, and she fell in love to one of the teachers, Sam Coulson. hehehe…I still remember the character’s name.
First time saw it in 1999.

4. Pride and Prejudice
Who doesn’t know Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? I could watch this movies twice in a row 😀 Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are not my favorite characters, but I love Austen’s flow to make them finally confessing how they couldn’t live without each other.
First time saw it in 2006.

5. The Last Kiss
It’s a festival movie without mega stars in it. It’s about how a man just found out that his life was so boring and predictable. Besides the boring life, her pregnant girl friend didn’t notice his bore. Tina would hate him from this point of view. But, I myself admit that sometimes we need a thrill or being hurt to appreciate how worth it my life is.

6. Sweet Home Alabama
A childhood love turned to be the real one. Sometimes we can’t see the bright side since we haven’t been mature enough. The story is simple, but i can watch it again and again 😀 Hear the songs, love it 😀
First time saw it in 2002.

7. Titanic
The best romance movie ever!! Who doesn’t know it?? Although there’s still disagreement whether the love story existed or not, I cherish it so much 🙂
First time saw it in 1998.

8. Before Sunrise
Since I watched this movie, I really want to back pack in Europe 😀 I want to have a road trip instead of having a comfortable trip :p Aaannndd…I think if we travel with our spouse, we could get knowing him/her better. When we are in a trip, there are so many decisions have to be taken, ie: when we should stop and rest; which path we should take; or even when we missed our plane, would we caught in a silly fight or not.
First time saw it in 2003.

9. Bridgete Jones’s Diary
I’d prefer the first movie to the second. In the first movie, I see how Collin Flirth’s character is truly in love with Bridgette, although she’s messy and a little bit pathetic.
First time saw it in 2003.

10. Ever After
It’s a Cinderella movie by Drew Barrymoore. Unlike other cinderella story, in this movie Cinderella was a very tomboy girl and she could save the prince charming 🙂
First time saw it in 2000.

11. Great Expectation
I love the character’s name, Estella (played by Gweyneth Paltrow). It’s an old movie, but i just watched it for the first time. The original story was Dicken’s novel with the same title. As other Dicken’s story, it fills with a very deep sadness. It tells how a child was taught to be mean and cold-hearted by her closest relative gives less suffering than the real suffer.
In general the story is about a love from childhood until the adulthood with an extreme social status differences as the background. Dicken brought two endings for this book, the sad ending originally came from Dicken himself and the happy ending was from his friend’s suggestion.

After I list those movie, isn’t it I’ve changed??? Hehehehe… I believed a fairy tale such as Ever After, but I’ve known well that life isn’t like a Cinderella story. I know that a happy life is dedicated for those who always struggle to reach it. And…I can’t stop hoping a knight with a silver shield would save me :p