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i’m away

Back to my last casualty, going to the office after my French course. I do want to continue my work, but i feel extremely lazy today. I read my old post. I wrote this when i was desperately wanted to go away from my present life at that time. It was at 3am, and then i checked the first offering from Balikpapan. It was sent on the same day at 10am. Life is full of mysteries. You’ll never know when it answers your questions.

I am facing a tough situation now, but i think it’s better than i keep staying in Jakarta. I have the best window view here. I’m not talking about seeing beautiful sunset everyday, but it’s more possible for me to get know well about what i want to achieve. No, i won’t make this situation as my permanent life. I need time to prepare what i’ve messed before. Somehow seeing the horizon line on the sea triggers something different on me. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m getting wicked *sometimes in positive ways, sometimes in negative ways*.

Back 2 work.

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