He’s finally gone

I am a reformist. I agree with reformation. I agree that all past corruption cases must bring to legal trials. I agree all political prisoners, except separatism cases, are being free.

But reading the international news about the dead of massacres, it makes me sad. The word of massacres, slaughter, are seemed so brutal and very sarcastic. He wasn’t Pol Pot, neither was George W. Bush, who killed thousands of people and make it as a legal action.

People made him as if a GOD. The same praise to Soekarno. People praised them to much as if he were a GOD. He was a human who could be forgetful that he could make mistakes. People forgot that they could amend laws, protest their legislatives, or give correction to president’s cronies about their mistakes. When people remembered these rights, this land had been already broken down. Not only the land, but also people’s mind has been broken. We’ve already out of our mind.

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