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Climate Dinosaur, friend or foe?

From the parantheses ‘Climate Dinosaur’, of course it is a foe. But, have they ever thought what this ‘Climate Dinosaur’ is really doing in the Heart of Borneo?

After attending the Safety Mandatory Training last wednesday and thursday, i got much more knowledge about who my employer is. This company is the largest mining company in the world with more than 33000 employees in over 25 countries. I joined in Carbon Steel Material business unit. It’s great to join in this company which has a good reputation in mining world.

Now, we will construct 700K ha of steel coal mining in the heart of borneo. There are only two locations of steel coal in this world, in the middle of Gobi Dessert and in the heart of borneo. This type of coal is the only type coal which can melt steel. Other types of coal would never make steel melting. This is the most expensive coal.

If you observe how we manage environment and the community in the heart of borneo, you’ll undersand how unfair the ‘Climate Dinosaur’ parantheses is. Government deploys double standards, the HPH has more convinience when they are actually rape off the heart of borneo life. A lot of mining company never revegetate the land. Well, no wonder. Revegetate budget has the amount with production budget.

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