My Lunch Time

I had few lunch time in the office since fasting month was starting on the 10th day of my work. I love to have my lunch in the break out area of my office, the view is beautiful, the place is cozy, and my lunch friends are nice. They are a Malay, an Indian, a philipinos, an indonesian chinese girl. They are so fun and nice. Have a chit chat with them somehow ‘breakout’ my mind too. The philipinos always make a face with 2 oranges and a banana. We sometimes share our lunch, like a little picnic with colorful lunch box ^^

In the breakout area, there’s a huge coffe machine with espresso, latte, cappucino and milo. Nyummmyyy….. Yup, breakout area in the luch time is my favourite place. Do not enter breakout area while working hours because sometimes i found some people gossiping. When breakout area be more crowded, one by one 5 of us will leave. Dunno, but somehow 5 of us don’t feel any comfort moment among others. It’s so nice to have lunch friends in my office ^^