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Negeri Van Oranje

Finished reading this book. Negeri Van Oranje.
Full of wits, but not trashy 🙂 Since the 2 characters came from my uni, I felt a lil bit personally attached with the story. Hehehehe 🙂 *Kepal jari jadi tinju!* lho?!
It’s about 5 Indonesian in Holland making a really great friendship. I couldn’t stop laughing for all the jokes and footnotes in that book. It’s about 5 people, but the writers are 4. So I can say Gerry is the most fictive characters. *sotoy!* :p Although at the end of the story we could find Gery has a flaw, but Gery is pictured as the perfect one.
Banjar is my favorite character because I think he went to business school which i always dream about 😀

    Lesson learned:

  • Keep struggling to get my master degree
  • Tips of survival in Holland
  • Always backup your works, no matter how good your computer is
  • YM is a big NO if you have deadlines
  • Perfect guys are too good to be true / gay 😀

It reminds me to this book. NVO gives details on how to live and survive in Holland, but at the other hand TT is a good source for travelling (obviously!). From story line, I’d prefer TT than NVO.

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