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Enjoy the rain

An email from me.

Dear ****,
just got some old pictures. Somehow it broke my heart, and a little bit regret.
The pictures were taken on special days that should be special and i thought it was special day too. But later on, long time after that special day, i found out a very hypocritical thing.
In some ways, it opened my eyes that honesty is very rare among human being. But in other ways, it ruined all happy thoughts i’ve had about many things in my pass.

When my eyes had already wide opened (at least wider than before), I’m feeling much happier. Because I’m happy with almost all the things that are happening to me now. And I know without my pass I couldn’t be a person that writes u this email now. I’m happy if people I’ve trusted the most feel the same feeling too.

I hope you’re feeling happy and happier each day 🙂

Hugh and kisses,

And this is the reply:

Don’t worry we are getting better and better as time goes by ^^ happy and happier… ^^ We’ll manage ^^

Although sometimes you feel sad… but there is rainbow after the rain ^^ just try your best during the rain waiting for the rain to stop or even play and enjoy the rain ^^ the rainbow will come out eventually ^^