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After MCP Period


It’s been 2 years after my graduation day from CSUI, but I’ve already in my 2nd chapter of work. Interview request phone call memories are ringing in my head. The most remembered phone call was come from Ibu SM who asked me to have interview in Mid Plaza in the end of July, days after my graduation trial.

When will you graduate?
I’ve had my final trial 2 days ago 🙂

Those sentences were the beginning part of my interview which sent me to be one of BHPB-MCP IT team members.

I just spent 1,5 years in that team. I left with smiley tears. Nobody insisted me to leave, but I’ve made decision to have a more stable life. I did love the roller coaster environment. Many people, events, joys, approval, disapproval, and projects I’ve been involved. The roller coaster thing made me open eyes widely to see the world. I thought I’ve in the right place to reach the sky. I love those moments. Can not say any words.

After all, I’m in my new team now. Nice people, no emotional events, just work. Friends with same ages, predictable activities from Monday to Sunday. I could never think about leaving the previous company, but I left. I could say I will be leaving current place, for now. I haven’t put any punch pin in the map of world, but soon 🙂 Let me ‘sleep’ for a while, enjoy the breeze of the city, after no time to enjoy it in the first 1,5 years.


My 2nd hoop

Why did I leap? That question pops up in my head a lot. And my brain answer it patiently, “Because I’m still young, no dependents, I deserve an adventure :)”.

Resignation is not a simple thing, starting from the hand over job, re-account the administration benefits, and also saying goodbye. The first one was not that hard since I was in slow down moment, the second one was done well, and the last made me very mellow yellow. Saying goodbye to friends, bosses, and other colleague from a place I’ve called home 😦 was weeks ago, now I do really enjoy my new job. Starting from my very first moment in Jalan Minyak office, I’ve been handed with jobs. On my 6th day in the new office, I’ve done a project proposal, and tomorrow is my first management meeting. Huhuhuhuhu….nervous 😀

It’s too bad I only have a very limited time to work together with my interviewer. I really want to know how it feels to work together with a person who’s mocked my transcript. Hahaha…It was a mocking, but no hard feeling. I kinda like him and can’t wait the time we really work together 🙂

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People come, people go @ 2008

This is the 2008’s last day. Many things happened in this year, start from jobs, new rent room, friends, projects, to crush.

In the very beginning of 2008, the Orde Baru symbol finally passed away after a long time of sickness. He also was the 2nd president of Indonesia, don’t need to mention his name. Personally, I feel sad he’s passed away since he hasn’t opened the Indonesia mafioso cartel yet.

At the end of the 1st quarter, I had my first tender. Although it was an amateur one, i still feel happy getting know new people in consulting business. Still about projects, i did enjoy both of the projects, although i did a head-to-toe jobs by myself and without any real mentor. I do also feel so sad since both of the projects haven’t done yet or at stake to be precise.

In the middle of the year, i met some precious people. The first one is in the middle of europe with his family now and the second one is talking with through YM! now 😀 Both are precious in building and defining what i want to have as a career. SO fortunate to meet them. In the same time, i also had my biggest crush ever. The first time i spilled the idea of living together in the name of marriage, talked about what i wanted to be, and many private matters with him, it was the first time i felt like i’m a mature woman. Silly!! The fact that i’m very childish is still exist right now. Obviously, being with mas was so comfortable; jungle, camp, bar, mall, mess, office, crowded place, with drink, without drink, smoking area, non smoking area, or any other place on earth. We’ve said goodbye each other, but who knows what would happen next 🙂

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, my person, my partner in crime left Indonesia to pursue her master degree. Still a lil bit lonely since i can’t really make a phone call with her. Since she’s in europe now, i should make some money to visit her 😀 *wish me luck!*


I do love my job

It was 8 o’clock in the morning or 7 AM in Jakarta, and one of my consultants called me, asked about today’s teleconference. I know he found some difficulties with my project, well…same here. I like when he said he needed time to understand my company’s point of view. I don’t expect a superman consultant because if he is, it would be difficult to have a knowledge transfer. I don’t play my almamater here, but this guy is the best person i’ve ever discussed during i’ve been working in this company. Is it too lame? Well..if you ever discuss with my other consultant, you’ll probably think the same with me.

I’ve just remembered what Mr. McMaster said to me. “As a consultant, you have to be honest. If you think you don’t understand about the problem, you have to say it. I always say that i need 2 or 3 days and i’ll be back with solution or topics to be discussed.”

It’s so sad he’s been laid off by corporate. He was a specialist in Plant Maintenance module of SAP. Well..he’s not as funny as Kevin, he’s so like my other friends or lecturers. Ehehehe…yupp…he had bachelor degree of computer science. I do really miss to have a mentor, not great mentor, just an ordinary mentor. A person who i could share my point of view, jobs, and discussion.

Actually i like my job now. I have to prepare my projects and corporate is auditing my previous project. Well…i’m not the project manager, it’s my previous boss’s project. I miss him. He’s mentored me well. At least i could survive until my 11th month because of him.

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Another Friend

After the DAA (Detailed Asset Assessment) meeting with the corporate team, i feel a lil bit sad. It’s ended. September is the time when the blue print will come up. I haven’t had any agreement for my existence on September, this is the first time i hope i still exist in this company.

I met the director for the DAA things, he’s a communicative man, smart, sincere man. And i think i met someone who has inspired me so much, both in this current company and the direction i want to be in the future. I feel like somebody gave me a chocolate when i feel really sad. A small thing, but it meant a lot for me.

His support made me really want to pursue my career, his advices to face the problems…in fact, I wanna be like him. The meeting circumstance was extremely different without him, he could capture the problem easily, communicate it to the others clearly, being in charge without giving any pressures. I do really wanna be like him! It’s been a long time i don’t have any mentor. One of the ‘big guy’ i’ve ever met in corporate, very helpful, very communicative, and the most important thing is i don’t feel small.

Building my confidence is a hard thing lately. I want to give precious deliverables for this project. Of course it would be hard, but it’s a pleasure for me to try as hard as i could. I wish to meet him in another opportunity, can’t wait to have a real task together with him.

I can’t wait to have another project with one of my best friends. As she said before, we can’t always have lollipops, sometime we have to meet or even swallow a bitter pill in our jobs. Now i start to have more passions in my jobs. I am sure this passion would bring me to more knowledge, friends, experiences, and become successful in my career.