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After MCP Period


It’s been 2 years after my graduation day from CSUI, but I’ve already in my 2nd chapter of work. Interview request phone call memories are ringing in my head. The most remembered phone call was come from Ibu SM who asked me to have interview in Mid Plaza in the end of July, days after my graduation trial.

When will you graduate?
I’ve had my final trial 2 days ago 🙂

Those sentences were the beginning part of my interview which sent me to be one of BHPB-MCP IT team members.

I just spent 1,5 years in that team. I left with smiley tears. Nobody insisted me to leave, but I’ve made decision to have a more stable life. I did love the roller coaster environment. Many people, events, joys, approval, disapproval, and projects I’ve been involved. The roller coaster thing made me open eyes widely to see the world. I thought I’ve in the right place to reach the sky. I love those moments. Can not say any words.

After all, I’m in my new team now. Nice people, no emotional events, just work. Friends with same ages, predictable activities from Monday to Sunday. I could never think about leaving the previous company, but I left. I could say I will be leaving current place, for now. I haven’t put any punch pin in the map of world, but soon 🙂 Let me ‘sleep’ for a while, enjoy the breeze of the city, after no time to enjoy it in the first 1,5 years.

Journey, Love...Life...

Enjoy the rain

An email from me.

Dear ****,
just got some old pictures. Somehow it broke my heart, and a little bit regret.
The pictures were taken on special days that should be special and i thought it was special day too. But later on, long time after that special day, i found out a very hypocritical thing.
In some ways, it opened my eyes that honesty is very rare among human being. But in other ways, it ruined all happy thoughts i’ve had about many things in my pass.

When my eyes had already wide opened (at least wider than before), I’m feeling much happier. Because I’m happy with almost all the things that are happening to me now. And I know without my pass I couldn’t be a person that writes u this email now. I’m happy if people I’ve trusted the most feel the same feeling too.

I hope you’re feeling happy and happier each day 🙂

Hugh and kisses,

And this is the reply:

Don’t worry we are getting better and better as time goes by ^^ happy and happier… ^^ We’ll manage ^^

Although sometimes you feel sad… but there is rainbow after the rain ^^ just try your best during the rain waiting for the rain to stop or even play and enjoy the rain ^^ the rainbow will come out eventually ^^


My Phone Books

I’m having 2 operational hand phones. The first one is for my primary number (matrix, i had it since 2000) and the second one is for operational in BPN (simpati, almost all of my colleagues use telkomsel as the provider).

Practically, i have 2 individual phone books. I use my new Nokia for matrix, and simpati in my old SE K700. I think it’s interesting. If i take a look my SE phone book, i wrote nicknames as the contact name, ie: Tina, Vara, Wisnu, Ayu, etc. In the other hand, i use institution name as the first name in my Nokia, ie: BHPB Nia, Total Ani, CSC Eduardo, Chevron Agung, etc. Even i wrote Microsoft Fuady, who is my friend from CSUI.

Honestly, it is not really interesting. I was sitting on the emergency stairs in my building, i took a look my phone book, tried to make a phone call with a friend…but i found…colleagues.

Journey, Love...Life...

Senandung Rindu

Finally i post the video, Senandung Rindu by Tohpati feat Sutha.

Aku bernyanyi, di dalam hati, Senandung Rindu, kepadamu Pujaanku
Bilakah nanti kau kan mengerti maksud hatiku, untuk saling memiliki
Aku ingin rasa indah kan hadir untukmu, meluluhkan mimpi-mimpi
Tak berhenti, jiwa ini menanti dirimu, berjanji setia kepadamu dalam setiap hidupku
Tuhan tolonglah, buka hatinya, agar aku dapat bahagia bersamanya
Tak kuingkari dia tak sendiri, tapi kutahu apa yg tlah dia rasakan.

After months without being mellow, try to be tough, now i’m falling apart. I missed my parents, Jakarta, friends, a special guy i’ve known since June, and Allah SWT. Missing Him is the hardest part and somehow made me feel so lost. Somehow i felt that i’ve been away from Him for a while. It doesn’t mean i left my praying, but the praying essentials itself.

Running away from the most thing i want to avoid is useless. Proofing things are not the things i want to do in my life. I got what i wanted, and it wasn’t what i need. Can i blame myself or others? definitely NOT! It’s one of my journeys. This journey might continue in another dot. I’m still traveling my dots to an X mark, as the end of my life. When, where, how it will be ended, i don’t know. It doesn’t matter at all, as long as i travel those dots with walking tall, no regrets.

Gak Penting, Love...Life...


White wine is good after eating seafood.
Red wine is a good company to eat steaks.
Rose wine is women’s favorite because it’s light and sweet.
Black beer advantages those who have anemia. Drink a glass of black beer before sleep.
Those drinks won’t make you drunk if you just take a glass of it.

Next time I’ll treat you a drink

aaaaaaaaa………dosa…..dosaaa….inget dosa….makin gak waras 😀