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I Want A House!

Being single and mature, i demand more privacy. Instead of rent room, I prefer a tiny house. What I really miss from a home is the kitchen since i love cooking 😀 So…in the middle of deadlines, I still have some times to imagine a perfect place for me 😀 Google is a perfect company to make this dream 😀

First, I will imagine the kitchen. I love cooking, but I’m not an addict cooker 😀 So, I think simple-cozy kitchen is the best design. I don’t like to waste a space to provide another room as dining room. Let’s make it as a kitchen and dining room. At the beginning, a bar in the kitchen would be good, but it would make me to spend another room as dining room.

small_bathroom_pictures6 Second, the bathroom. Sometimes I measure how long I spend my times in the bathroom, I’d say a looot 😀 So, I have to make it as comfortable I could. What about this picture? 😕 I think I’ll have a very wide mirror on the right side. Another change will be applied under the sink. I’ll remove the wood table into a small closet for new towel and some place for cleaning tools. I love to take a long bath and having it in a bath tub. It’s so relaxing! 🙂
Hmm..this picture might be not the right one, since I think I’ll change the theme into orange, not browny as seen in the picture. But I love the lay out :* Yes, I’ll make the bathroom as the dry one to make the maintenance easier. Well…maybe there will be an exception if my mom come, she can’t use dry bathroom 😛

vistalibraryI’m a book freak. I need a room for my collection and a place to have a quality reading time 🙂 I love a seat place under the window. I hope I could place this room at the east side of the house. It would be great having fresh sunshine in the morning from this place 🙂 I’ll reduce furnitures from this room, make it 2 chairs and more book rack at the right side. Yey! Love it love it!! I’ll place an audio device, the simple one, just to make this room less quiet 😀 I think iPod docking is the best choice 😀

The most important part, bedroom! I don’t plan to do all the activities inside the room, just a simple bedroom. It doesn’t mean that simple, I still need a big closet!! Haha 😀 Not a cupboard, but a closet 🙂 and it would be BIG 😀 I love the bed style, a space under the bed, makes the room less dusty 🙂 I’ll pull the bed into the left side, so more room near the window. I’ll put a TV, DVD player, Nintendo Wii, and another iPod docking on the drawer 😀 Perfect room 😀