Clean Up

Senin nih..hari tersibuk sedunia xD
Saking banyaknya kerjaan, jadi stuck, gak tau mana yg harus dikerjain duluan :p


Anyway, kemaren sempet bersih2 isi hp. Mengingat ini pengalaman gw punya smartphone yg pertama, pas clean up berasa banget enaknya punya hp model gini. Gw bukan pengikut trend, jadi hp gw ini merupakan hp smartphone tua yg udah discontinue. Waktu itu belinya cuma liat fungsi dg harga paling murah :p

Back to clean up, gw seneng bisa ngedelete 600-an sms dari 1300-an sms di inbox gw. Apus2 contact gak penting. Gak penting maxudnya adalah org2 yg pernah membuang waktu gw dan org2 gak penting yg tidak akan ada artinya dalam kehidupan gw sekarang dan yang akan datang. Pastinya contacts org2 yg gw kenal sebagai professional aman tersimpan di hp n PC.

Oh iya, kalo ada temen-temen lama yg tiba-tiba menghubungi gw, tapi gak nongol di contacts, bukan berarti langsung dalam kategori org gak penting lho. Contacts gw yg ada di hp lama benar2 lenyap, sirna, tiada bekas 😦 Maaf ya… Berasa banget pas kemaren sms lebaran, banyak yg gw tanya balik itu siapa :p

Setelah kegiatan clean up gw itu…sekarang si E51 meningkat performanya 🙂

Gak Penting

Stupid Cupid

Not about Mandy Moore’ song.

I’m gonna find you stupid cupid!! Wrong target tauuuu… >.<
A very stupid cupid which probably was feeling an itchy butt when he shot the arrow. 755911221089458
Ganti rugii…ampe gak bisa tidur nih stupid stupid cupiiiddd… 😦

Love...Life..., Misc

I Want A House!

Being single and mature, i demand more privacy. Instead of rent room, I prefer a tiny house. What I really miss from a home is the kitchen since i love cooking 😀 So…in the middle of deadlines, I still have some times to imagine a perfect place for me 😀 Google is a perfect company to make this dream 😀

First, I will imagine the kitchen. I love cooking, but I’m not an addict cooker 😀 So, I think simple-cozy kitchen is the best design. I don’t like to waste a space to provide another room as dining room. Let’s make it as a kitchen and dining room. At the beginning, a bar in the kitchen would be good, but it would make me to spend another room as dining room.

small_bathroom_pictures6 Second, the bathroom. Sometimes I measure how long I spend my times in the bathroom, I’d say a looot 😀 So, I have to make it as comfortable I could. What about this picture? 😕 I think I’ll have a very wide mirror on the right side. Another change will be applied under the sink. I’ll remove the wood table into a small closet for new towel and some place for cleaning tools. I love to take a long bath and having it in a bath tub. It’s so relaxing! 🙂
Hmm..this picture might be not the right one, since I think I’ll change the theme into orange, not browny as seen in the picture. But I love the lay out :* Yes, I’ll make the bathroom as the dry one to make the maintenance easier. Well…maybe there will be an exception if my mom come, she can’t use dry bathroom 😛

vistalibraryI’m a book freak. I need a room for my collection and a place to have a quality reading time 🙂 I love a seat place under the window. I hope I could place this room at the east side of the house. It would be great having fresh sunshine in the morning from this place 🙂 I’ll reduce furnitures from this room, make it 2 chairs and more book rack at the right side. Yey! Love it love it!! I’ll place an audio device, the simple one, just to make this room less quiet 😀 I think iPod docking is the best choice 😀

The most important part, bedroom! I don’t plan to do all the activities inside the room, just a simple bedroom. It doesn’t mean that simple, I still need a big closet!! Haha 😀 Not a cupboard, but a closet 🙂 and it would be BIG 😀 I love the bed style, a space under the bed, makes the room less dusty 🙂 I’ll pull the bed into the left side, so more room near the window. I’ll put a TV, DVD player, Nintendo Wii, and another iPod docking on the drawer 😀 Perfect room 😀