When people asked me about when/how i started to have interest in gardening, I’d say since years ago. And finally I can explore about gardening on my mom’s balcony 😜

I started planting some trees and flowers when I lived in my own house. I enjoyed that hobby until I decided to move to KL. But, eventually I stopped, since it was difficult to plant things with soil in a high rise condo in the middle of KL.

Last year I finally moved back to JKT after a decade. Organic salad was (and still is) extemely expensive compared to KL price. Browsed instagram for an urban garden inspiration, but what I found was way more than lay out inspiration, but a lifestyle. People are now more aware about food crisis, global warming, carbon trace, and the whole nine yards. I found many awesome fellows -men, women, young, senior- are planting vegetables in their own yards/balcony, even kos-kosan!!

When you tried to grow your own food, you’ll get addicted, no matter it can survive untill harvest time or just die along the way, you just can’t stop! 

Happy gardening! Lets give back to nature! 🙂