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Living in Balikpapan

Sometime in June 2010, an idea stroke my head. What if I buy a house?? I’m 25 and not having any single properties.

So…since 2 months ago I regularly visited some housing sites, which was easy since there are not a lot of housing complex here. It was predictable that I looked at Balikpapan Baru and Tamansari Bukit Mutiara (WIKA). It was predictable too that my salary couldn’t afford a descent house in Balikpapan Baru.

I’ve seen some housing complexes in Bekasi, Cibubur, and Karawaci. Well…this WIKA complex was not bad, except the difficulties on electricity and water, which is sadly common in BPN 😦

I actually searched on a cluster. It has minimalist concept and it’s the newest cluster. The cluster now is almost full. Although the houses are almost fully occupied, the cluster is still nice, without giving any slump sense 😀

In this past few months, I got thorough my financial balance and assets. I could say I’ve almost put all the assets at risk. Some of my friends said that if i never be a smart reckless (alias nekat) to get a house, or I’d never get one. But nevertheless, I retreated from the plan this afternoon. It didn’t mean that I retreated all of my financial plans, just for this one. I haven’t needed a house. I do still enjoying my tiny rent room, and am still looking forward a partner to live in my his future house with 🙂 *uhuy! prikitiu!* 😀

But anyway, this roller coaster financial plan thaught me a lot about KPR. Click simulasi kredit to count the monthly installment for the amount of the credit. And..never believe a low interest, always prepare the worst case in KPR period. It’s better not to count the interest below 11%. But I found a national bank (BNI46) that might be good for a start and give a competitive KPR interest.

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