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After MCP Period


It’s been 2 years after my graduation day from CSUI, but I’ve already in my 2nd chapter of work. Interview request phone call memories are ringing in my head. The most remembered phone call was come from Ibu SM who asked me to have interview in Mid Plaza in the end of July, days after my graduation trial.

When will you graduate?
I’ve had my final trial 2 days ago 🙂

Those sentences were the beginning part of my interview which sent me to be one of BHPB-MCP IT team members.

I just spent 1,5 years in that team. I left with smiley tears. Nobody insisted me to leave, but I’ve made decision to have a more stable life. I did love the roller coaster environment. Many people, events, joys, approval, disapproval, and projects I’ve been involved. The roller coaster thing made me open eyes widely to see the world. I thought I’ve in the right place to reach the sky. I love those moments. Can not say any words.

After all, I’m in my new team now. Nice people, no emotional events, just work. Friends with same ages, predictable activities from Monday to Sunday. I could never think about leaving the previous company, but I left. I could say I will be leaving current place, for now. I haven’t put any punch pin in the map of world, but soon 🙂 Let me ‘sleep’ for a while, enjoy the breeze of the city, after no time to enjoy it in the first 1,5 years.

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