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it is said in my work agreement. Although I’m not doing manual-hard job assignments, but I’m still a labor by management view. Unfortunately, my organizational unit makes me can’t join in labor society.

Another management’s view said to lessen the amount of employee, outsource will be more effective. But it leads to another issue, there is limited qualified man power supply in Indonesia. In short term, those man power supplies are fucking asshole companies. Their fee could reach 40% of total employee cost from its client. And what they do? Nothing.

Anyway, I don’t disagree to outsource, but those rats who named themselves as manpower supply companies, should be audited and having fit and proper test. And then, is there any regulation to audit them? Who maintain or at least consider about this? Government?! Parliament?! I just could say, “Ha ha ha”. Welcome to Indonesia 🙂

2 thoughts on “Labor”

  1. I agree..

    It very sad for my relatives who work as low-paid hard-physical labors. The agency company cut their 700.000 salary into half.. 😥

    D*rn agency.. 😡

  2. Well…actually that’s business feb:(
    As client we should demand all of transparency in the contract. Unfortunately, labor regulation and labor position in law is still full of flaws.

    Intinya feb, kalo bisa kerja di negara yg lebih baik, kenapa tidak? 😉

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