When Life Slaps My Face

Can we stop faith messing our life around? I say, no I can’t. Until this present time, life takes away many lovely things from me, but it also gives much more things I’ve never expected. When it took a thing, i felt going down to the bottom of the earth. But suddenly it gave me another thing that brought me to higher sky.

Two things happened to me last week and I felt being slapped. The first thing was also announced by Bloomberg, CNN, detik, etc. I thanked GOD for His present to me. The other thing was only a simple email, but suddenly I felt so dizzy to read it. A call for future, it’s my term for that email. I enjoy my present time, but I know now is not forever. I need to concentrate to other thing that have led me to this place. Movies, my relative’s new assignment, and email knocked my head several times in a week.

Even though I had 2 incredibly things last week, I have another thing that really makes my life completely weird. I’m curious about the difference of doormat and caring. Day by day, I felt doormat is more suitable. This doormat rings a bell, I also have a doormat. What could I do? This doormat saves me from a heavy damage. The damage cause was faith had taken away one of my lovely things. No second chance and I have no gut to keep it as mine. I’m almost hopeless waiting for another thing happens to me after this damage. But the thing is I can’t stop waiting 🙂

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