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Honeymoon with My Brother

Honeymoon With My Brother
Honeymoon With My Brother

Travelling around the world is one of my obsessions, so I bought many books about it 🙂 Honeymoon with my brother is one the books i’ve bought and read, and it’s Oprah’s recommendation :p

It’s about a brokenhearted groom managed a travelling around the world with his brother. Sounds ordinary story?? No, it’s not ordinary!! I read the Bahasa Indonesia translation version, and I could still laugh on Franz’s writting. I plan to buy the original version one, maybe I could really laugh on wits there.

Back to the description first. It’s a book by Franz Wisner who traveled with his brother. Based on the website, Franz wrote the story, and Kurt (the honeymooned brother) shot the pictures. This book is not a really travelling reference book, but stories about their experiences in many countries. Unlike any other travelling reference, I prefer to read this book if since so many advertisements in some guide books. Besides, everybody will go to places where books like this have mentioned.

My favourite part in this book is when Franz tell something about plan. I dunno really how he originally wrote (read it in Bahasa version), but i’ll try to share it.

We just throw the guideline books and plans, we just go out and excel the journey. When you really got what you’ve planned, you won’t get the thrilled anymore.

At least this part makes me rethink about everything in my life, which plans i’ve planed are really happen to me? Do I have to plan anymore? Of course I’ll keep planing, but I won’t easily get upset if some of those plans are not done as it should be 🙂

As Indonesian, I payed attention on Franz’s trip to Bali and Lombok. In this book, he wrote about the violence that had been rooting in this nation. It wasn’t really a mistake, since he visited Bali on Gusdur’s era. Well Franz, you need to visit another part of Indonesia, try Bangka Belitung or Maluku. You’ll find another great story there 🙂

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