My 2nd hoop

Why did I leap? That question pops up in my head a lot. And my brain answer it patiently, “Because I’m still young, no dependents, I deserve an adventure :)”.

Resignation is not a simple thing, starting from the hand over job, re-account the administration benefits, and also saying goodbye. The first one was not that hard since I was in slow down moment, the second one was done well, and the last made me very mellow yellow. Saying goodbye to friends, bosses, and other colleague from a place I’ve called home 😦 was weeks ago, now I do really enjoy my new job. Starting from my very first moment in Jalan Minyak office, I’ve been handed with jobs. On my 6th day in the new office, I’ve done a project proposal, and tomorrow is my first management meeting. Huhuhuhuhu….nervous 😀

It’s too bad I only have a very limited time to work together with my interviewer. I really want to know how it feels to work together with a person who’s mocked my transcript. Hahaha…It was a mocking, but no hard feeling. I kinda like him and can’t wait the time we really work together 🙂