Journey, Love...Life...

June 2008

Blue shirt, black trousers, dark shoes, swollen eyes (long meeting after 3 hours of night sleeping), and big sweet smile. His eyes were almost missing everytime he smiled. He sat next to me and using fork to eat rice. It was the first time i saw rice eaten using fork, and now sometimes i use fork to eat rice. “Finally, we are in the same table”, that was what i thought. I was still little, clueless, shy girl having enermous lunch in the big fancy five star hotel and questioning whether she derserved that moment or not. I loved his deep tone and clear voice when he spoke and his big laugh, which affect everyone near him. I loved seeing his cheek wrinkled and his ‘Yeeeaaaahh…’ everytime he smiled or laughed. From the first time he spoke in the first meeting, my gut asure me that he’d mean something for me.

“Have you ever gone to JKT before this time?”, it was his first question to me. Starting from that moment, i’ve been obsessed to meet him again. He knew i love watching movies in cinema, i love eating dessert, and he did knew i felt so lost. He loved dessert, and I was so happy I could accompany him eating dessert. I love every words he’s spoken to me. Each word was feel like a fresh breeze when you couldn’t breath well. That was my moment, my ‘Chiyo – Chairman’ moment. Every path i’ve taken until this very minute was to make me closer to him.