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People come, people go @ 2008

This is the 2008’s last day. Many things happened in this year, start from jobs, new rent room, friends, projects, to crush.

In the very beginning of 2008, the Orde Baru symbol finally passed away after a long time of sickness. He also was the 2nd president of Indonesia, don’t need to mention his name. Personally, I feel sad he’s passed away since he hasn’t opened the Indonesia mafioso cartel yet.

At the end of the 1st quarter, I had my first tender. Although it was an amateur one, i still feel happy getting know new people in consulting business. Still about projects, i did enjoy both of the projects, although i did a head-to-toe jobs by myself and without any real mentor. I do also feel so sad since both of the projects haven’t done yet or at stake to be precise.

In the middle of the year, i met some precious people. The first one is in the middle of europe with his family now and the second one is talking with through YM! now 😀 Both are precious in building and defining what i want to have as a career. SO fortunate to meet them. In the same time, i also had my biggest crush ever. The first time i spilled the idea of living together in the name of marriage, talked about what i wanted to be, and many private matters with him, it was the first time i felt like i’m a mature woman. Silly!! The fact that i’m very childish is still exist right now. Obviously, being with mas was so comfortable; jungle, camp, bar, mall, mess, office, crowded place, with drink, without drink, smoking area, non smoking area, or any other place on earth. We’ve said goodbye each other, but who knows what would happen next 🙂

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, my person, my partner in crime left Indonesia to pursue her master degree. Still a lil bit lonely since i can’t really make a phone call with her. Since she’s in europe now, i should make some money to visit her 😀 *wish me luck!*

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