The First XXI in Balikpapan

Finally…after long winded development of Pasar Baru Balikpapan, the XXI cinema in Balikpapan is on now 😀 The price is quite low, which will kill existing Gelora cinema (Yosh! :p). Monday – Friday ticket is Rp.20K, and Rp.25K for weekends. It has 4 large theaters, not bad ya?! 😀 Finally BPN has a good entertainment facility, and i hope the blackout would never disturb the cinema. Can you imagine if there’s a blackout during the movie? Bleee… XD

Hmm…if you work in Balikpapan, you’ll recognize half of the people in the theaters. It’s a very small city 🙂

Find the new XXI cinema picture here.

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