A Friend of Mine

I wish i can blame you. Yes…you! The one who always says sorry if you can’t answer my buzz on ym. The one who teaches me about many things. You brought many thoughts to me, from career path to when i should marry.

You always say i can’t define what i want and you’ve said that i’m like you. But the thing is, i’m not like you! I made a big leap to get here, because i was sure enough about what i’ve done. Thanks to you, i’ve remembered why i got here. If i wasn’t here, you wouldn’t send me the sms, which was the starting point of our friendship. I’ve never expected the MidPlz meeting would be followed with all of these things. Because of you, i know many things that might be very useful for me. Thanks for all of those free online lectures. You’ve brought many good things to me, cheer up mate! I hope i brought good things to you too.

It is not my habit to talk about one of my friends in a blog because friends are undefined. They’re always here, even though they’re there, a half globe from here. They could lie to say the truth, or shout to deliver whispers. I wrote about you to give you a proof i’m on of people that care about you. So when you feel down or left behind, you could simply read this post.

You’re one of the smartest people i’ve ever known, but you’re also the dumbest person i’ve ever known 😀 You have to be very smart to get your current career, no doubt about it! You’re also dumb because you always feel left behind, nobody leaves you! You should start to feel grateful for all you’ve reached.

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