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Senandung Rindu

Finally i post the video, Senandung Rindu by Tohpati feat Sutha.

Aku bernyanyi, di dalam hati, Senandung Rindu, kepadamu Pujaanku
Bilakah nanti kau kan mengerti maksud hatiku, untuk saling memiliki
Aku ingin rasa indah kan hadir untukmu, meluluhkan mimpi-mimpi
Tak berhenti, jiwa ini menanti dirimu, berjanji setia kepadamu dalam setiap hidupku
Tuhan tolonglah, buka hatinya, agar aku dapat bahagia bersamanya
Tak kuingkari dia tak sendiri, tapi kutahu apa yg tlah dia rasakan.

After months without being mellow, try to be tough, now i’m falling apart. I missed my parents, Jakarta, friends, a special guy i’ve known since June, and Allah SWT. Missing Him is the hardest part and somehow made me feel so lost. Somehow i felt that i’ve been away from Him for a while. It doesn’t mean i left my praying, but the praying essentials itself.

Running away from the most thing i want to avoid is useless. Proofing things are not the things i want to do in my life. I got what i wanted, and it wasn’t what i need. Can i blame myself or others? definitely NOT! It’s one of my journeys. This journey might continue in another dot. I’m still traveling my dots to an X mark, as the end of my life. When, where, how it will be ended, i don’t know. It doesn’t matter at all, as long as i travel those dots with walking tall, no regrets.


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