Balikpapan Spots

Been living in the city for 13 months, at least i have some favorite spots šŸ™‚

Let me start from Sepinggan airport area. Sepinggan airport has its airport taxi, but i prefer to have a normal taxi. Just go into Roti Boy shop and call Mawar Taxi (0542 874545). The taxi uses normal argo meter.

Take a direction to the central city, you’ll find Kepiting Dandito on the left side. The black pepper crab is good šŸ˜€ Not far from there, there’s the famous Kepiting Kenari. Don’t expect too much for services in Balikpapan, still worse than JKT :p It would be disaster for those who have allergic on seafood. Almost all of Balikpapan favorite menu are seafood šŸ˜€

Balikpapan also has some famous lounges and it feels so good to have some drink with friends there (or even having date :D).
1. The Open House @ Markoni Atas
It gives city view in some unique ambiance. It’s located on the top of a hill and built in some Balinese house.
2. The Ocean @ Ruko Bandar Balikpapan
Cozy place to have chit chat with family and friends.
3. Dapeen *located next to The Ocean*
I prefer The Ocean than Dapeen.

Those places are cozy, but not really good for your money šŸ˜€

Balikpapan does have some delicious menu. These are my favourite:
1. Bakso Sapi @ the central of the city
luv luv luv the baso tahu :p
2. Depot Simpang 4 @ Kebon Sayur
luv luv luv the fried prawn with mayo…nyum ^^
3. Nasi goreng semut merah *near Gran Senyiur*
it’s quite good food and less than 10K IDR :p

I kinda forgot some other places, but i enjoy visiting Blue Sky hotel health club for having spa and salon.

4 thoughts on “Balikpapan Spots”

  1. yoih Van!

    Ser, nasi goreng semut merah itu nasi goreng yg dikasi banyak cabe rawit kecil2, jadi pedes2 menggigit kaya semut merah gigit XD

    Ayo ser ke sini šŸ™‚

  2. Rannnniiiii!! temen seperjuangankuh :* :* :* waah, baru tau nii gue blog lo šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ btw, gue tambahin ya referensi makanan enaknya šŸ˜€ hehehehe:
    – simpang 4 cobain menjangan lada hitamnya deh yumm…makannya pake mantau…slurrpp
    – bubur ayam bandung? –> deket2 bc
    – ikan bakar kantor pos (deket sama komplek rumah gue)

    met nyoba yak šŸ˜€ waah..wawasan makanan di balikpapan bertambah dee berkat postingan lo hehehe..

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