Gak Penting


Christina: “I’m drowning in estrogen here”

Christine: “Your problem is estrogen”
Meredith: “No, my problem is tequila”

Totally agree with Christina. Estrogen really IS a problem. I’ve had enough problems caused by estrogen, can’t imagine if I had other troubles caused by tequila.

Estrogen is drowning me for these two days. Estrogen is doing this to me. My estrogen said that I wanted that S-M-R, but still not sure about ‘less‘ or ‘ful‘ on the ‘M’ part. I want to sip it >:)

Wew…this is not a ‘black and white’ world, but it is important to believe in the right things. Here is the thing, i can’t mention the differences between right or wrong, both of them make me feel miserable :p


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