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About Fasting, Annual Leave, and Jobs

I thought my recent fasting was quite plain. Not too thirsty or hungry, and even i almost never had my dinner. Just some water and tajil, and then fell asleep. The most difficult thing was holding my bitching words. Haha…seriously, it was sooo hard!!

Annual Leave
Minal Aidin Wal Faidziin… Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 🙂

I’m still in my annual leave. Having unexpected Lebaran holidays with my brother and his family, make me feel sooo exhausted. I don’t have proper sleep since the first day of fasting. I thought i’ll have some in my house, but now I even can’t find any place for me to sleep!! My parent’s tiny house and 2 families is not a good idea, and without any servant make it worse.

I should be meeting a friend, but unfortunately his friend’s mom passed away in Medan. Hopefully before I’m back to BPN, we could set sometime to literally shake our hands.

I did a lot of shopping, and i thought it’s expensive. Not that expensive, but it’s expensive for my normal daily life. I bought lots of stuff, part of being feminine ranni. Haha!

I have some home works, and i can’t think about it at all. From codes, networks, and business analysis, that’s my home works. I need some place to sleep!! I think i screwed up someone’s life after he traveled to JKT. Hahaha…

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