I do love my job

It was 8 o’clock in the morning or 7 AM in Jakarta, and one of my consultants called me, asked about today’s teleconference. I know he found some difficulties with my project, well…same here. I like when he said he needed time to understand my company’s point of view. I don’t expect a superman consultant because if he is, it would be difficult to have a knowledge transfer. I don’t play my almamater here, but this guy is the best person i’ve ever discussed during i’ve been working in this company. Is it too lame? Well..if you ever discuss with my other consultant, you’ll probably think the same with me.

I’ve just remembered what Mr. McMaster said to me. “As a consultant, you have to be honest. If you think you don’t understand about the problem, you have to say it. I always say that i need 2 or 3 days and i’ll be back with solution or topics to be discussed.”

It’s so sad he’s been laid off by corporate. He was a specialist in Plant Maintenance module of SAP. Well..he’s not as funny as Kevin, he’s so like my other friends or lecturers. Ehehehe…yupp…he had bachelor degree of computer science. I do really miss to have a mentor, not great mentor, just an ordinary mentor. A person who i could share my point of view, jobs, and discussion.

Actually i like my job now. I have to prepare my projects and corporate is auditing my previous project. Well…i’m not the project manager, it’s my previous boss’s project. I miss him. He’s mentored me well. At least i could survive until my 11th month because of him.

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