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Quatuor Diotima

Hier, J’ai regardé le concert, Quatuor Diotima. C’a eu magnifique! Beaucoup des francais et indonésiens ont veni le concert. Le Quatuor Diotima est 4 violoniste. Le genre de lui est classique ou baroque. J’ai parlé à un de personnel, un chinois, Yun-Peng Zhao. Je ne prenais pas les photos au concert 😦

Fiiuuhh…it’s really tired write those sentences in French. This the translation.
Yesterday, i watched a concert, Quatuor Diotima. It was fantastic. A lot of French and Indonesians came to the concert. The Quatuor Diotima is 4 violins. Their genre is classic or baroque. I talked to one of the personnel, a chinese, Yun-Peng Zhao. I didn’t take any photos at the concert.

Well..maybe the translation isn’t that correct. But, sort of like that. I tried to give those information 😀
Even though one of them is a chinese, but they are from France. When i spoke to Zhao, i felt i’m an expert in English. Ahahaha. His english was worse than me. His first sentence was “Vouz parlez francais?”, every french words was mixed up in my head, so just answered “Non, non.” Ahahahaha.