is not about socks.

Yesterday was the first day I became a project owner. It wasn’t the day my boss gave me the assignment, but it was the first time I have my pre-qualification meeting for my first RFI (Request for Information). Hiyay! So exciting about this project, even though the budget allocation for this project is like a penny, it’s still my very first project. Owh, you really can’t believe how painful the first time i had to make my very first Scope of Work was.

About SOX
This thing was begun from my second candidate vendor mentioned about this thing. SOX or SABOX stands for Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It is the act to make sure the financial governance in every companies. This act was triggered by many financial fraud cases in large enterprises in US. Transparency is the main objective of this act. There are 11 titles in this SOX that regulate management’s steps in assigning reports, audits, etc, etc. Document tracks and versions are one of SOX implementations, that’s why enterprise content management is very needed in many big companies. Companies must comply to this act, from ordinary documents/reports, tax reports, balance sheet reports, etc, etc.

But I totally agree that our APBN (National Annual Budgeting) should comply to this. Ahahahaha. Those mice in our national house would have a damageable headache. 😀

Do I care?
Not really, but i was very curious. Why? Since my second candidate’s partner spoke to me about it as if he was mocking me about my clueless about this. Damn! But, it’s OK! I’m still the owner! Hahahaha. I really have the control. And seriously, my interest to this second candidate has totally lost. Ahahahaha.

4 thoughts on “SOX”

  1. bagian elo interest sama orang (cowo pasti ini, keliatannya om2 atau bapak2 xD) dan gone poof begitu saja hahahaha

    ~kembalilah ke jalan yang benar juk hihihihi

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