This evening, I’ve just hung my cell, after bitching somebody because he is being an idiot and an arrogant. And…you know what, i won’t talk about him anymore. Period!

It happened when Ten 2 Five was in middle of a song, titled “As long as i got you”. It flew me to yesterday.

Yesterday was the graduation day. I’ve missed it. I haven’t congratulated to someone’s graduation yet. I wanted to, but i couldn’t. It would be very obviously showing the world i have something about him.

You have to listen to this

I don’t need a diamond ring
I don’t need dozens of roses
I don’t need sweet words written on the paper
I don’t need a fancy car
I don’t need my name tattooed on your back
I don’t need the sun, the moon and the world
As long as i got you, baby

Borrowed from Ten 2 Five. Those words are true, as long as i got you.

Do you know about my ringtone for you? It’s titled “Stop Crying”, cause i won’t cry for you. Every minutes you’ve spent in this world are very meaningful for me. Your salutation each time we met, seeing you’re getting fat, complaining how bad you are with your long curly hair, hearing you’re complaining about my impatience, those were things i want to have for my entire life. Many things i want to spend and share with you, and a vow i want to make, to respect, love, and care you in every breathe i take.

Gud luck, and I’m happy for you. Someday, somehow, and somewhere i’ll find someone like you who could make my life more…everything, like you did.