Journey, Love...Life...

Merry xmas and happy new year 🙂

My resolution: I want to be a part of Maruwai Coal Project, so raise my salary! Give me trainings, develop my capabilities.

As I said to one of my interviewer on that French oil company *so obvious*: “I have capabilities, but i need to develop more.” Well honestly, the most interesting part is your company’s renumeration. Ehehehehe.

And obviously i can’t go to Chevron since my bro’s promotion. Congratulation on your promotion and obviously i can’t be your subordinate. Seriously!

First task for year 2008: router connection disaster test. Hey, it’s not difficult, isn’t it?! Just load the new IOS, copy run config from tftp, and then copy to startup config, write. Simple isn’t it?! Of course if i failed, i’ll say goodbye to balikpapan on this march. Damn! I have already fallen for this city.

I really want to be involved in Bumbun project. Haju progressing is one of my praying everyday. Oh God, we need that new Mining “Peraturan Pemerintah” signed by SBY *anyway, who the hell is he?!* this year.

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