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Feel the Breeze

After almost 4 months living here, i have never had any opportunity to shoot some pictures of Balikpapan. Up to now, Pertamina is still the best part of Balikpapan. Take a look of Pertamina’s site bellow.

Balikpapan central city in on the left side of the picture. I am falling in love with oil refinery since my first visit to one of Chevron’s pompa angguk at Minas. Seeing how sophisticated are the safety rules, water pipelining, fire extinguisher pipelining, and etc. Sometimes safety rules feels so annoying. And now safety rules bind me so tight.

Yesterday, as usual i took a rest in our pantry, saw across the horizon, wide ocean, ships, oil rigs, the hustle bustle of Sudirman road. I took the pictures using my friend’s camera.

Klandasan Market, the best place to get the best fresh seafood.

Sea view, beyond the land. Magnify it, u’ll see a lot of oil rigs.

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